The 9 Things of 2015 You Wish That You Could Forget



The year 2015 was full of things that we wish didn’t happen. From an American dentist who took the liberty of murdering one of the world’s most beloved lions, to that internet uproar that occurred over the infamous blue/black or white/gold dress (it’s clearly blue and black by the way!) – 2015 was full of sensational stories that captivated the web. Below is a list of just some of the stories that had their 15 seconds of fame.

1. Cecil the Lion

Big game hunting is problematic for a myriad of reasons and the people of PETA are often up in arms about a country’s hunting practices. Nothing quite ruffled the feathers of bloggers and readers everywhere like the death of one lion, Cecil, at the hands of a Minnesota dentist. People even went as far as to post bad yelp reviews for the dentist’s practice but even that couldn’t bring Cecil back.


2. The Wedding Crasher

Normally, this would be a bride’s nightmare – having her friend get proposed to on her wedding day, right in front of her no less, but it was the bride who actually proposed the idea. She thought it would be cute if her sister and her could share the same special moment. What do you think?



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