Alex Jones is a Human


source: youtube

Apparently this is what a human looks like!

Alex Jones may have had too much coffee this morning. He goes off on a rant here that rivals any Hollywood speech. He starts the rant by declaring that he is a pioneer and an explorer, before letting the world know that 1) he is a human, and 2) he is coming. He goes on to tell his audience everything from the fact that he has hot blood in him to the perhaps TMI statement that he likes to “make children.”

If you needed something to fire you up before the work day, look no further. There are definitely a lot of locker rooms that could use a speech like this at half time. At this point, it might not even be too far of a stretch to imagine an Alex Jones presidential candidacy. There aren’t many talk show hosts today who are willing to get as animated as Alex Jones, who really puts it all out there without a second thought. You can love him or hate him for it, but there is no denying his determination to get a point across.

Critics of Alex Jones might feel that behavior like this is totally unacceptable for someone with a respectively large audience. It would stand to reason that you simply cannot behave like this if you want an informed audience to tune into your show on a daily or weekly basis, period. But in 2016, there are more ways than one to keep the people coming back to your website, and Alex seems to know this. He’s made a career out of doing and saying things on the border between sanity and tinfoil-hat territory. In other words, he says what most people want to but aren’t braving enough to actually say.

This guy definitely has the blood of a thousand fiery Americans pumping through his veins. It is no secret that conspiracy theorist and talk-show host Alex Jones has never been shy of putting himself (or at least trying to) on the front page of internet humor websites. This is a man who either has very little concern for his public appearance, or perhaps too much concern, depending on how you look at it. There aren’t many boundaries when it comes to Alex Jones’ InfoWars talk show. He’s spoken about shapeshifting aliens, secret government societies, and very frequently enjoys calling President Obama names like “wicked, wicked Devil.”

For anyone who enjoys watching internet videos far more than they enjoy doing the things they’re actually supposed to be doing, this type of material is a perfect work distraction. And for that, many people sincerely hope Alex Jones never stops. It’s videos like this that make the world go ‘round. Most people spend their entire week wishing they could let off a firestorm of a rant like this for every last one of their coworkers or family members to hear. Alex Jones unleashes these bombs like it is his duty.

No, but seriously though, what is going on here?

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