This Amazing Dog Is an Ice Cream Truck Regular


source: youtube

Perhaps one of the oldest tricks in the book for children is to hail down an ice cream truck before consulting anybody with the money to buy the actual ice cream. By stopping an entire business-on-wheels in its tracks with the promise of purchase, you pressure your parents into buying you the frozen treat of your choice (the Choco Taco, duh).This is a trick that Rambo the English bulldog knows very well. This awesome dog doesn’t even wait for the ice cream to be purchased. Instead, he simply grabs his flavor of choice from the driver and puts the bill on his owner’s tab. Or as his human, Ashish Silwal, puts it, he says, “Give me my ice cream; my dad will pay you.”

Like any living creature with taste buds, Rambo is hooked on ice cream. According to driver Akins Luwoye, the Huntsville, Alabama-based pup developed the craving at age two, when he was drawn outside by the sound of the truck. As Ashish told the local Huntsville news station, WAAY-TV, “Rambo was all excited out of nowhere.” Joining in on the excitement, the owner encouraged his pet’s enthusiasm, saying, “__Okay, let’s go get some Popsicles,” which lead to Rambo “jumping in the truck.” In a delightful spin on the Pavlovian response, the dog now sits by the window waiting for the sound of the truck’s music, ready to run on cue.

His favorite flavor is coconut, which is an excellent option for a chocolate-sensitive canine. But as the video shows (he is inhaling an orange creamsicle in it), he’s not too terribly picky. It’s a nice routine that seems to work out for everyone—except for Ashish, who perhaps regrets the habit for the sake of his wallet. Yet, in the video, the dog’s loving owner seems to take great joy in his pup’s happiness. After all, who could say no to such a cute, drool-y face? At three years old, Rambo now has a full year of ice cream memories behind him. Presumably there are many more ahead.

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