Austrian Ski Resort Captures Hilarious Photo Bombs


It’s not every day you see something like this!

The Obergurgl/Horchgurgl resort in Austria decided it would be a good idea to broadcast a live video feed of the slopes to their 4,000 hotel rooms. The logic behind this live footage is that a guest can see the weather from their hotel room and determine if they want to hit the slopes or not. One group of skiers took a creative approach to using the cameras to their advantage, and it might not have been what the resort owners had in mind!



The first skier to photobomb the cameras is a large, hairy, man doing his best “Wrecking Ball” impression. He really gives Miley a run for her money! The resort doesn’t say how many attempts it took to perfect the timing and positioning of the footage, but there’s clearly some top notch choreography on show here. One thing’s for sure: if the bearded Miley Cyrus was in Los Angeles, the real Miley Cyrus might be out of a job.



Next up we see three different forms of transportation doing some photobombing. The first of the three is a man in a cowboy costume, only the costume includes the cowboy riding a horse. The second is a man riding down the mountain on an inflatable raft being tailed by a shark fin. Imagine skiing down a mountain, enjoying the view, and being passed by a guy in an inflatable raft with a shark behind him! Then we see a car chase made by two sets of skiers holding cardboard cut-outs of a suspect’s vehicle and a police car. All in all, pretty dramatic stuff.

The rest of the footage ranges from a dog with human hands (watch and you’ll understand) to an entire beach scene to a few friends on a couch being pulled by a snowmobile. There really are no boundaries for this wild group of skiers. The amount of time and effort it must have taken to pull these stunts off was certainly considerable, to say the least. If skiing doesn’t work out for them, they can surely find work on Broadway or even in Hollywood.

The typical day for any ski resort would definitely not include any of this. The guests at this Austrian resort might expect to wake up with a nice breakfast, a relaxing view of the mountain, and a day full of skiing, all just as they planned. Maybe they even took their spouse with them, or their entire families. Ideally, they would get the kids all sorted and ready for a day on the mountain before it was time to check the mountain broadcast for a nice view before the day begins.

Who knows where these guests got the idea to pull off such ridiculous maneuvers. There is some great teamwork on display here, without a doubt. It might be worth noting that these guys might have spent a little too much time at the local pub, but the creativity involved here is impressive.

Luckily for anyone who felt like staying in their room this time, there was more of a show for the camera than there was on the trails! (To be fair, hopefully the kids weren’t watching when someone mooned the camera) The original video has half a million views on YouTube. Maybe now some of the pranksters wish they had kept their clothes on. The most bizarre part of this video might be the fact that none of the people actually skiing on the mountain seemed to notice. Some great background acting for sure!



With Halloween right around the corner, there are certainly some great costume ideas here. These handy skiers put their minds together to make one of the most outrageous photobombs in recent memory. There must be something in the water (or whatever it is they’re drinking) in Austria, because these pranks are no easy task. With careful planning, some of these stunts could have taken hours to pull off.

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