Babies Experiencing Things for the First Time


This baby having chocolate ice cream for the first time is my reaction every time!

There are endless videos of babies doing the unexpected and we can’t get enough of it. Babies are adorable and their expressions are priceless. Whether it’s discovering a food—good or bad—or playing in the rain for the first time, watching these babies experience certain moments is sooooo enjoyable to watch.

In this heart-warming video, babies are experiencing certain things for the first time. In the first clip, a baby is given a slice of lemon, not knowing its sour taste. The baby’s reaction is one we all probably do when eat something sour, but far more cute, of course. After sucking on the slice, he makes the ultimate “sour face,” even drooling and letting his dad know he never wants anything to do with a lemon again.

Babies can get confused when seeing themselves in a mirror, but one baby just loves to see himself making funny faces. In the second clip, these parents record their baby raising his eyebrows and laughing at himself for how silly he appears. It’s definitely the little things that make for great memories.

Some first time moments can be so simple, like going down a slide at the park or seeing your shadow. The happiness expressed in one baby’s face after going down a slide is something all parents cherish. Watching a little girl trying to figure out she has a shadow is also just as adorable. Who is that black figure under me? Why is daddy’s so much bigger than mine? There are probably endless questions children have in their mind when experiencing stuff for the very first time.

Then there’s trying to walk for the first time. Every parent records their baby taking their first steps. When parents share this special moment, we can’t help but oohh and ahhh. At about the 1:35 mark of this video, a mom helps her baby stand up straight while dad gives her all the confidence she needs, telling her she can do it, and she does! It’s an amazing moment.

This one clip is my ultimate favorite. Everyone loves sweets and this mom decided to let her baby try chocolate ice cream for the very first time. After the baby tries it, it seems like he is debating on whether it was tasty or not. What happens next is a feeling we all get while eating something as delicious as ice cream–it’s too darn good and we want more!

Check out the rest of these clips of babies experiencing things for the first time. If you’re a parent, you may relate to a lot of these videos and probably have some of your own you share with family and friends!


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