Baby Chameleon Being Born Is Just Like You Waking Up on a Monday


source: youtube

Cold weather is approaching, making the act of waking up even more difficult than it was before. It’s one thing getting up out of bed under temperate conditions, but on brisk mornings, the comfort of a warm bed can prove especially appealing–as in, more appealing than the things you have to actually do to live your life. So imagine what it’s like for this baby chameleon, who looks like it can’t even–even when it comes to experiencing the very first seconds of actually being alive.

In the video above, you’ll see all of the things one of these little green dudes go through when hatching, and it should look familiar to anyone who has forced themselves from their layers upon layers of comforters and micro-plush blankets during self-induced winter exile. First, the chameleon pops its head out, checking its surroundings with half closed eyes and an expression that says, “Can I go back inside this thing.” (We have to admit, the cocoon like egg that the chameleon hatches from looks fairly comfortable, and also kind of like a deflated balloon. We wonder if or where we could possibly acquire a human sized chameleon egg of our own.)

Then, with all the enthusiasm of someone waking up solely because they have to use the bathroom, the chameleon musters just enough energy to finally pull itself out of its egg sac and face the day, arms and back contorting wildly to just get the thing off already. And just like all of us when we space out trying to remember what the first step of getting dressed is, the chameleon probably wonders what exactly it is going to do with the…umm…rest of its life on earth.

Of course, while hatching an egg (sometimes well) before gestation is complete is how most chameleons give birth (making them oviparous), this isn’t always the case. Not all chameleons get to slowly remove themselves from the comfort of a natural bed. For contrast, here’s another video of an ovoviviparous chameleon giving birth, which makes for a very different kind of wake up call.

Ovoviviparous means the chameleon actually carries the baby in its body until it’s ready to hatch. So, instead of a long gestation period hanging out in an egg, this dude is just pretty much dropped onto a leaf to fend for itself. This is maybe the chameleon birth equivalent of someone cruelly ripping your blankets off to get you out of bed faster. Given the choice in such matters we’d rather wake up the first way (we already pretty much do).

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