Bill Murray Was At a Lupe Fiasco Concert (And He Demanded an Encore)


source: youtube

At this point it’s common knowledge that Bill Murray is prone to show up pretty much anywhere unannounced—especially if there are young people, libations, reasons to party, or any combination thereof. Of course, the famed funnyman has kept a reputation for appearing out of the blue at parties and concerts in trendy hipster enclaves like Brooklyn, New York, to mingle with complete strangers, and just this past year we’ve seen him popping up (and playing some golf) at a White House briefing, bartending for the opening of his son Homer’s chic Greenpoint Brooklyn restaurant, and joyously celebrating with Eddie Vedder after the Chicago Cubs’ spectacular World Series win. At this point, a Bill Murray surprise is, honestly, not all that surprising.

So it comes as no shock that, just a couple weeks ago, avowed hip-hop fan and friend of the Wu-Tang Clan Bill Murray was taped in the audience at a Lupe Fiasco concert in Austin, Texas. But still, it’s heartening to see the sixty-six-year-old Oscar-nominated actor, perhaps still riding high off of that Cubs win, chanting with the crowd for an encore from fellow Illinois native Fiasco. Lupe, a perennially underrated rapper (with a long track record of underwhelming beats, one admittedly pretty terrible attempt at a major cross-over hit in the Modest Mouse sampling “The Show Goes On,” and a potentially career ending recent song that we’ll get to later) obliges, and the crowd can be seen completely losing it.

After the show, Fiasco tweeted an image of the two hanging out in his green room with the caption, “When @BillMurray comes to your show in Austin, TX and proceeds to FORCE an encore!” and noted that the comedian gave him “some amazing words of encouragement.” We have absolutely no clue what Murray did to ensure the encore, but it seems likely that just his being there made it happen. As for the words of encouragement, it would appear Lupe could use them. Outside of this one highlight, the rapper has ended the year by failing to deliver on three promised albums, releasing a song with a controversial and (undeniably) anti-Semitic lyric, and threatening to leave the industry altogether, saying: “Yo Lupe fans it’s been fun and I hope you’ve had fun. I’m officially not releasing anymore music. Albums cancelled.” Of course, it’s not the first time he’s publicly called it quits, so there’s still hope that he’ll heed whatever encouraging advice Bill Murray offered and acknowledge his use of hateful rhetoric.

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