Boxer Is Extremely Bad at Find the Treat Under the Cup Game


source: youtube

We all try our best to gets our dogs to do some amazing tricks. Whether they are rolling over on cue or responding to “sit” or “shake,” our dogs are source of pride for us. We like to show how intelligent and quick learning our pooches are. However, sometimes our pets can’t pick up on things so quickly and might need a few more lessons. But it’s okay because these slow learners make for some amazing and funny videos. For one boxer, finding his treat under a cup seemed to be more work than he could handle. However, it turned out to be one of the funniest dog videos we’ve watched in a long time.

In the one-minute clip, we meet a cute boxer who must figure out where his owner places his treat. With three colorful cups in front of him, the owner places the one treat next to all of them, but eventually places it under the third cup. He then says, “Go,” and the boxer goes full force on the cups – smelling them and even knocking them over so that he could clearly see where his treat is. The only problem is that the boxer doesn’t seem to remember where his owner put the treat, and he totally neglects the third cup as if it was never there.

As the one-minute clip continues, the boxer still has no idea where his treat is! The owner in the background can’t help but giggle about the whole thing. The boxer also gets very close to knocking over the third cup but misses it. He looks from his right and then to his owner, all the while clearly wondering, “Where the heck is my treat?” The boxer gives it one more try. He knocks over the first blue cup, even sticking his whole nose in it and eventually goes straight to the third cup. Now he knocks it over, sees the treat, and picks it up, satisfied that he has finally found it.

The YouTube video is titled “Good Thing She’s Pretty,” which makes perfect sense. Sometimes it can be very difficult teaching a dog a new trick and we don’t blame this owner. Uploaded by Lexie C, it has already received over 200,000 views and we are sure it’ll continue to grow. It definitely made us laugh right along with the owner. Hopefully this boxer isn’t struggling with this trick any longer and can successfully find his treat in a shorter amount of time.

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