Britney Spears Carpools with James Cordon


source: youtube

James Cordon’s “Carpool Karaoke” is the latest craze in late night television. Cordon’s carpooling skit, where he drives a car around town with a celebrity, sings with them and discusses their lives along the route, has become a popular staple of late night television. He’s rode along with British star Adele, Coldplay’s Chris Martin and even the First Lady herself, Michelle Obama. In his latest episode, Cordon takes the one and only Britney Spears for a ride.

The “Piece of Me” hit maker is looking better than ever as she carpools with Cordon. As they start their drive, the first question the host asks the singer is what her song “Oops I Did It Again?” is about. A question all fans may want the answer to, Spears stated she doesn’t even know what it’s about, telling Cordon, “I don’t know, it’s just a song.” As they continue on their journey, Spears and Cordon sing along to some of her most famous hits, including, “Womanizer,” “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and her latest hit, “Make Me.”

While on their trip, Cordon doesn’t hesitate to ask the songstress some personal questions, and the songstress opens up about wanting three more kids, and trying to find the right guy; however, tells Cordon she’ll only be “French kissing” men and never plans on getting married ever again. She tells the host, “I don’t believe in marriage anymore.” The star also shares her secret of always using undercover names every time she books a hotel. Cordon tells her next time he gets a room, he’ll just go under, “Britney Bitch.”

The end of their short car ride is one that every Spears fan will love. Both Spears and Cordon surprise us by taking their act to the next level and dressing up as the schoolgirl from Spears’ first song, “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” Both stars ride along wearing matching white button down shirts, grey sweaters and black short skirts. Cordon takes his costume even further and looks like the ultimate Britney fan with a pigtail wig and pink bows.

With over 22 million views, Cordon’s “Carpool Karaoke” skit with Britney is becoming a huge hit. It’s not every day we get to see celebrities open up and share some of their most intimate moments and stories. Britney Spears’ carpooling episode is definitely a favorite for all of us ‘90’s kids out there who still remember every single line to her most famous songs.

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