Caught! 32 Walmart Photos that Will Make Your Jaw Drop


Welcome to Walmart, here’s your blindfold!

Walmart is the best store ever! You can have your nails and hair done, get a new set of tires on your car, shop for all your family and pets’ needs, and even get your taxes done! It’s a one-stop-shop for all your life’s needs. Why would you even consider going somewhere else?!?

OK, so maybe the clientele is a bit, shall we say … eclectic, but that just adds to Walmart’s allure! You never know what you’re going to encounter down the next aisle. Will it be a grown man in a furry cosplay suit? A dime piece in a miniskirt shopping for booze? A 400-pound woman in a bathing suit buying diapers? A man in a leopard-print onesie shopping for pineapples? That’s the magic of Walmart, the people you’ll encounter.

Like the Barack Obama! Holy crap!! What’s the president doing in Walmart? 

If you think seeing the president is shocking — just wait until you see who’s up next!

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