Couple Recreates Wedding Shoot at Target




We love to shop at Target. What is it exactly that makes us want to stroll through every single aisle, buying things we didn’t intend to purchase? Maybe it’s the cool furniture or the cute desk supplies? Or maybe we go in for the smell of delicious popcorn. Target has something for everyone and that’s what makes it an extremely successful chain. The people behind it know exactly how to draw customers in, whether it’s placing the dollar section right at the entrance, or displaying one-of-a-kind home items to catch the eye. And once you walk in, you know you’ll be spending about $100 bucks on items you didn’t think you needed.

While some of us obsess over the store, there are no other individuals that love Target so much as this West Virginia couple. This couple’s love affair with the retailer is so dear to them, they decided to recreate their wedding day photos at their nearby Target. Corey and Lauren Rexroad decided to celebrate their first year of marriage by recreating their wedding day photos at the Morgantown Target.




The Rexroad couple married back in September 2015, and spent their last year decorating their home with items from Target. So when it came to recreating their wedding photos, they knew Target was the best place to do so. “We wanted to do something off the beaten path,” Lauren, a 22-year-old X-ray technician said, adding, “I brought up Target and Callie (the couple’s photographer) took up the idea and ran with it.”

Callie Lindsey and one other Target fan set up the couple’s shoot, and it drew many onlookers. Some customers even thought Lauren and Corey were actually getting married in the store. Ignoring odd looks from strangers, the couple began their shoot. With Lauren wearing her gorgeous wedding dress and Corey in a black suit, the couple took photos all around the store.

“A lot of people thought we were crazy getting married in Target,” Lauren said. Some of the photos featured the couple standing in front of the store, with the Target sign as their backdrop. Other photos included the couple sitting in the dining area, sharing a bag of popcorn together on those big red balls the store has in front. Lauren and Corey also didn’t forget to include Target’s mascot, Bullseye the dog. In the photo, the couple kisses Bullseye on the cheeks as it sits in front of them, as if it were their own pet.



The photo shoot was “probably the most exciting thing to happen at Target in awhile,” Lauren added. When was the last time you spotted a couple taking wedding photos at your local Target? Lauren and Corey’s photos soon showed up on Snapchat, as shoppers probably took their own photos of the couple. After that, their photos gained huge attention by national media outlets. Target even tweeted one of their photos on their Twitter account.

However, the couple hopes they won’ be known as “The Target Couple” forever, but said they were very grateful by the outpouring of love they received since their photos were made public. “I was completely shocked because Corey and I are not those types of people,” Lauren said. “This is like a one in a lifetime thing. It’s been a crazy roller coaster.”

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