Couples Who Met Online Have An Advantage In Love


Online dating changed the way we connect, and is now changing the way we stay connected.

If you and your sweetheart met online you may be in for a long and happy relationship.

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Meeting your significant other online is something that people frowned upon a decade or so ago. Now it’s commonplace, and the stories about finding love via, eHarmony, or even apps such as Tinder can be every bit as romantic as getting fixed up by friends or dating someone from work. In fact, here are six reasons that couples who met online may have an advantage over couples who met in other ways.

#1 – They’re More Likely To Have A Lot In Common

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Dating websites typically pair people based on what they have in common, so it’s easier to meet a kindred spirit online than through random chance. Couples who share common interests, have a much better chance of finding value within the relationship and making it last. This is especially true for core values. Also, having a lot of interests in common provides more opportunities for enjoying activities together.

#2 – They Have Deeper Intimacy Because They Don’t Shy Away From Touchy Topics

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People often feel more comfortable chatting behind a computer screen. Those who try online dating are able to reveal more of their personality and talk about hard-to-discuss topics before they embark on a first date. Knowing so much about the other person can help you determine whether he or she is a good fit for you.

#3 – Their Initial Attraction Was Likely Verbal

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Sure, you typically look at someone’s profile photo before you decide to send a message. Although, online dating requires considerably more long-form communication than chatting up someone at work. Consequently, two people who start dating online are more likely to take their time getting to know each other personally rather than superficially.

#4 – They Are More Likely To Stick Together

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A recent study revealed that couples who meet online are more likely to stay together. This could boil down to many factors. For one thing, online dating allows you to be up front about what you really want out of life and what you want in a partner. With so many choices, there’s no need to settle for someone who presents incompatibilities early on. Ultimately, online dating could set the stage for a more stable future as partners.

#5 – They Report Greater Happiness In Their Marriage

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Couples who met online also reported that they have greater feelings of satisfaction and happiness in their marriage. This may be due to a combination of factors, some of which were mentioned earlier. Being able to get to know someone in such an intimate and immediate way, thanks to the immediacy of online chat, may play a role. So can choosing someone out of millions of online options. There’s something special about being able to pick someone out of a sea of possible online matches and knowing that you’re with that person for all the right reasons.

#6 – They May More Easily Build Common Dreams

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Sifting through online dating matches allows you to pursue a partner who has similar life goals and wants to build a similar life. For example, if you’re a vegan who hopes to move to the country and build an animal sanctuary, meeting a partner who shares your ethics and dream is essential. Online couples frequently find one another through common goals. This can be a strong foundation for starting a deeper relationship.

These  next 5 bonus signs can tell you if the relationship you began online will really go the distance (yikes #8!).

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#7 – They Often Share Common Values

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Unlike having things in common, such as hobbies or favorite types of entertainment, having values in common means a deeper connection with your partner. This connects couples across a more broad spectrum of compatibility and indicates a long-lasting relationship is in store for you both.

8 – They Have A Shared Motivation To Be In A Relationship

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Unlike couples who ‘just happen’ to meet or are ‘set-up’, couples who meet online are actively pursuing love. This initial motivating factor indicates a deeper willingness to put more effort into making their relationship work. The initial time and energy spent courting online builds a stronger foundation for success.

Tell us in the comments about your worst ‘set-up’ date.

9 – They Embrace Online Social Platforms (And Usually Tech Also)

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Rather than wasting time (yeah I said it!) going out and hoping to meet someone, couples who met online believed that it would work for them … and it did! This shared trust and love of the technology that connected them is an indicator that they will be together for a long time to come because it affirms their individual decisions and indicates to their partner their willingness to try new things.

Do you think going out to try and meet someone is a waste of time?

10 – They Have The Chance To Deep Google Them Before Committing To Meeting Up

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Some of you may be unfamiliar with the term “deep Google.” Basically it means taking your searches beyond the first page of results. You’d be shocked to learn what information lurks on later pages! Deep searching your potential match gives you a more thorough look into their lives and leads to longer-lasting relationships.

11 – Their Compatibility Is Greater Because They Selected Each Other From A Very Large Candidate Pool

Fishing for love.]Rather than being forced to choose from the relatively small potential partner pool that exists in their social and work lives, couple who met online were able to select their partner from a HUGE pool of possible partners. By taking advantage of this new ability to connect with infinitely more people, they give themselves the option to choose more deliberately, helping to ensure a more successful relationship.

12 – They’re Over All The Games

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People who are unsure of committing to a relationship are less likely to take their relationships seriously. Whereas couples who met online are more ready to enter into a long and fulfilling relationship with someone they respect and who feels the same way. Maturing beyond playing the games that come with dating means they have gotten to the point where they crave a deep commitment of love. If you’ve reached this point in your life … congratulations, you’re ready for a long and loving relationship!

Online dating is just like other aspects of life. Most of the time, you get out of it what you put into it.

Tell us in the comments what advantages you think we missed.

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