The Cutest Panda Pet You’ve Never Had!


Move over Jane Goodall, I’m getting a Panda!

Animals may not speak like you or I, but they definitely have ways to communicate. It’s like we have our own language of emotions, feelings.

Look at these Pandas Playing in the leaves. This poor worker at a zoo in Szechuan, China is just trying to clean up the pile of leaves but these little critters aren’t having it! They drag the little bamboo basket, climb in it, chew on it. They even get into a mini tug of war match with her. It’s like watching a couple toddlers climb in the laundry hamper.

After a couple minutes of hilarious struggle, the worker is able to snatch the full basket of leaves away from the pandas. One chases her for a bit, but we’re sure the game continued after the camera stopped rolling. At least we hope!

What’s your spirit animal?

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