Dad Spends $1,500 To Turn Daughter Into Wonder Woman




Money is no object for this one dad from Salt Lake City, Utah who went the extra mile to transform his 3-year-old daughter into Wonder Woman. With the help of his pregnant wife, Roxana, and four other assistants, Josh Rossi gave his daughter, Nellee, the best birthday ever.

Rossi went all out to transform Nellee into Wonder Woman. From the tiny costume to the heroine’s sword and shield to the amazing special effects, Rossi definitely earned the best dad award and made his daughter’s birthday one to remember. Rossi is not only a father, but he is also a professional photographer—and an awesome one at that. He is known for creating hyper-realistic dynamic images and focusing on every little detail to make each of his images look out-of-this-world. What better way to show off his amazing talents than to use his own daughter for one of his shoots!

However, Rossi’s idea to transform Nellee into Wonder Woman did not come cheap. Rossi had to shell out $1,500 to make every piece of this shoot look perfect. The dad mostly used the money on a handmade leather costumes and props to make the photo shoot as realistic as he could—and most importantly, to make his daughter’s dreams come true.



Creating the photo shoot took several months for Rossi. From preparation to planning the right poses, Rossi went the extra mile to make his daughter happy. Rossi said, “I love superheros —but I wanted my girl to be more unique than just Superwoman or Catwoman, because she has a really strong personality. I remembered the Batman vs. Superman movie where at the end Wonder Woman comes out and she destroys the monster that neither of the guys can defeat. So she’s more powerful than both of them combined, and that’s the moment I was certain that’s who I wanted my daughter to be—she’s a very powerful woman.”

To make Nellee look exactly like Wonder Woman, from the costume to the facial expressions, both Rossi and his wife studied the comic book character carefully. Both parents spent time watching and studying the 1970s TV series based on Wonder Woman, and it became a regular part of their family nights. Since the Wonder Woman movie doesn’t come out until 2017, the Rossi family just had the trailer to try and work out her look, stance, and other heroic traits.



When it was time for the photo shoot, Rossi devised his own team, which included his pregnant wife and four other assistants. The shoot itself took an entire day, and during two and a half hours of shooting, Nellee had to do her ultimate best to become her favorite superhero. Looking at the photos, Nellee definitely made her father proud. With Nellee channeling her inner Wonder Woman, and the help of Photoshop to create the stunning effects, the results are incredible.

Before having her pose for the camera, Rossi took photos of his daughter in her Wonder Woman costume. She looks like she’s ready for a battle! It is amazing how spot-on the entire costume and prop set turned out. To create the look of Wonder Woman in the air, four assistants held Nellee in the air while her mom helped her hold her large sword. Thanks to Rossi’s ingenious skills, the result is Nellee appearing to fly through the sky, possibly looking back at the bad guys she’s just defeated. In another photo, Nellee simply shields her face, but when Rossi adds his effects, Nellee is actually using her shield to block the strike that is about to hit her.

source: youtube

You can watch Rossi’s journey to transform his young daughter into Wonder Woman in a short, three-minute video on YouTube. He lets you in on the whole action, including how his whole team worked hard to achieve this cool set up. It looks so simple, but now that the photos are finished, the results are truly astounding. Nellee definitely received the best gift ever. What other 3-year-old could say she was part of an epic battle for her birthday?

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