Dog Teaches Baby How To Roll Over


This two-month-old baby is taking after her best pal, a Sheepdog!


So many of our Facebook timelines are filled with viral videos of dogs. Whether it’s a touching story of survival or a funny video of a dog doing a trick, we can’t get enough of them! Who wouldn’t want to share a video of a precious pup? Pups are loyal, cuddly and down right adorable. What makes these short dog clips even better is adding a precious baby and making it doubly sweet.

There is nothing more heart warming than a video featuring a dog and a baby. Actually, both have quite a few things in common. They both are innocent, love to explore and are just too darn cute. What babies and pups also have in common is that they have a lot to learn. While a dog has to learn obedience, little babies need to learn to walk, talk and so much more! But for this duo, it seems as if the dog has stepped in as a parent. This pup is giving this sweet baby some lessons he was taught. When this 2-month-old baby named Holland hung out on the floor with her pal, a Shetland Service Dog named Link, there was no question as to why these two are the best of pals.

In the 30-second clip we see baby Holland casually hanging out with her pal Link on a carpeted floor. The two lay on their stomachs across from one another, with Holland in her cute onesie. At first we see Link performing a trick many people teach their dogs, which is to roll over. Link performs it like a natural, and Holland stares at him in awe. A few seconds later we see Holland rolling over too! Maybe she wanted to impress mommy, or maybe Link was just teaching her a new trick he learned from his owners. In this clip it definitely seems that Link is the teacher and is one proud pup after seeing Holland follow his lead.

After seeing Holland roll over, her mom, who is recording the whole event, is in total shock – and what parent wouldn’t be? When was the last time your baby mimicked your dog’s behavior? This video just proves that babies and dogs have some kind of powerful connection. Dogs always seem to be so gentle around newborns and end up being their protector, but it looks like Link will be more of a teacher figure to baby Holland than just a pet. Regardless, Holland’s mom gives both baby and dog all the praise in the world for rolling over, telling Holland, “Aren’t you so smart?”

This video proves that when you put a baby and a cute furry dog together it equals awesomeness. We definitely need more of these intimate moments shared on the web. And hey, maybe in the near future Link will be teaching Holland how to speak!

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