Dorah, The Dancing Traffic Cop Is Making Everyone Smile


source: youtube

Being a traffic cop is not the most glamorous job. The role of a traffic cop includes directing traffic, getting people to the other side of the street safely, and even managing any incidents that may occur. The job requires patience and a lot of focus, especially during rush hours and school hours. We should always respect traffic cops and their duties to keep us safe.

It’s not every day that we see a traffic cop really enjoying his or her job. However, one traffic officer in South Africa has some very unique traffic directing skills that has made her gone viral. Dorah Mafokeng is from South Africa and is a traffic officer that simply wants to make people smile when they come her way. Dorah may not have the most exciting job in the world, but she has taken the Internet by storm with her dancing skills while directing traffic.

Dorah enjoys her job as a traffic cop, but adds a little more fun by dancing as she directs traffic and gets kids coming from school safely across busy streets. She is called the “traffic cop with all the moves” and has a music playlist that includes South African artists such as DJ Tira, DJ Bongz, Micasa, Sechaba and her ultimate favorite Pastor Benjamin Dube, whose gospel mix is probably on Dorah’s most played list.

Dorah is proud of her work and her main objective is to make people smile when they see her. “I’m not a dancer,” Dorah said, adding, “but when I am directing traffic at a traffic point, everyone must be happy. They must know I am here. Whether they’re quickly going shopping or anywhere else, they must know there is somebody standing there and I put a smile on my face. Even if they don’t want to smile at least I make sure they smile.”

But don’t let her cool moves fool you. Dorah takes her job as a traffic officer very seriously and when someone crosses the line, she makes sure to correct him or her.

Dorah’s popularity grew after someone posted a video of her dancing as she was directing traffic. She was in shock when she found out so many people were looking at her and seeing her doing her best to make people smile with her dance moves. The video that was posted on social media now has over one million views! So not only has Dorah made the people living in South Africa smile, she’s made over one million people smile!

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