Everyone Agrees! Harmonica Vacuums Are the Next Musical Sensation


Owning a home, condo, or apartment is a great achievement in life, a sign of adulthood and responsibility. Having a personal dwelling place provides excellent opportunities for entertaining, expressing your personal style, and raising a family. But maintaining the sanitation of a living space can be a rather dull expenditure of time. Consider, for instance, the vacuum. This boring dirt-sucking device is a staple used around the world to accomplish the mundane chore of housecleaning.

Luckily for us, the innovative people of Japan have recently found a groovy way to make vacuuming a musical and hilarious endeavor. Numerous videos have popped up on YouTube showing the latest trend of people using their vacuums to play a harmonica. It all started when Twitter user @CelloMetalgirl uploaded a video of her father orchestrating the sweet, yet unusual, pairing of the electrical apparatus with the melodic instrument.

Well, it appears that the tender clip has touched upon a nerve in the Twitter universe. The video was shared, liked, and retweeted over 200,000 times within 24 hours, with users leaving comments like:

  • “I burst out laughing on the train while watching this.”
  • “I’m worn out from laughing!”
  • “This is so addictive – I’ve watched it on repeat about 20 times!”
  • “I thought it would make a horrible sound but I can’t stop smiling because it’s such a pretty chord.”

The video starts out with the vacuum operating in full blast mode. It then approaches the harmonica. When they come together, it is pure, sweet, magical love. Many viewers of the clip have described the intense crescendo to be similar to starting up a computer. As one observer commented, “I thought I was listening to the Windows 95 startup sound.”

Now try to keep an open mind without letting skepticism set in. If viewed in a positive light, the video can provide 13 seconds of escapism from an erratic world. As @genderdeer perceptively tweeted, “For all the terrible 2016 has wrought, ‘harmonica vacuum’ nearly saves it.”

This trend does not appear to be dying down anytime soon. Much to the chagrin of some social media addicts, Twitter posters have declared that they will have harmonica vacuums provide the soundtrack to their impending nuptials, while others are already talking about a full-length album of vacuum-harmonica tunes. So brace yourself to be inundated with videos clips of people taking on the challenge to create anthems, ballads, and symphonies with various sizes of harmonicas and vacuum cleaners. While the video is a tad absurd, it will be impossible to stifle a chuckle, so go ahead and smile. It’s a great stress reliever!

source: youtube.com

If that wasn’t enough for you, check out this What’s Trending video for even more merriment:

source: youtube.com

What are your thoughts? Are you going to try this to hop on this unique new trend? If so, comment below with the song that you will try to recreate with the harmonica vacuum. Be sure to share too!

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