Everyone Banded Together to Save This Puppy from a Well


source: youtube

We hear incredible animal survival stories every day. These animals would probably not be alive today if it wasn’t for the hundreds of people who stop what they’re doing to help an animal in dire need. Such people need to be recognized for their kindness and sympathy, and this next story of animal survival is nothing short of amazing.

A puppy stuck in a well ended up bringing an entire nation of people together. In this outstanding story, a 3-month-old puppy was stuck in a 200-foot-deep well in the town of Beykoz, Turkey. Community residents heard cries coming from the well and soon realized that a small dog had fallen inside. Residents tried everything they could to get the dog out, but they needed help from some professionals. Calling animal rescue, firefighters, and rescue crews to the scene, the residents had high hopes that they would save the pup.

Professionals lowered a camera into the well to see if the puppy was doing okay. What they saw was a scared, yellow-colored dog sitting in the well. After seeing the poor puppy, the rescue team knew they had to take serious action. In fact, they set up a tent over the well so that no rain or water could get inside.

After 11 excruciating days of trying to rescue the pup, giving it food and water, the team could not figure out how to get him out. Using ropes, pulleys and a mechanical arm created by a high school nearby, nothing seemed to work. The story of a puppy stuck in a well started to gain mass media attention. Energy Minister Berat Albayrak heard the story and knew he could help. The government official offered the services of Turkish Hard Coal Enterprises, and the company provided the help the puppy needed. Finally, THCE used a mechanical lasso to grab onto the puppy and pulled it to safety. The men surrounding the well pulled the rope as fast as they could, while others cheered them on. The dramatic rescue was captured on film, and you can see men applauding and even giving the dog a pat on the head after the rescue mission was over.

After being taken to the veterinarian, the dog was declared unharmed and doing okay. The firefighters that were on scene from the start wanted to adopt the pup and have named him “Kuyu,” which means “well” in Turkish. Thanks to a few residents that head Kuyu’s cries, and the rescue teams that banded together, this pup is now in safe hands. Check out the dramatic rescue video above and find out how Kuyu has been progressing!

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