French Man Smashes Every Item in an Apple Store with a Metal Ball


Apple products incite a rare passion. Have you ever seen a video of someone lovingly unwrapping a new phone or computer—cradling the clean packaging as if it were a newborn child and not a mass-produced piece of electronic equipment? But this isn’t the only kind of passion they ignite. Some people want to watch it all burn, perhaps emboldened by the unblemished designs (or the problematic manufacturing conditions that go into their production). Take the reaction to the iPhone 6—people claimed that it was too thin and thus susceptible to bending. Some took this information too seriously and proceeded to snap their phones in half.

Then there are the Apple Stores themselves. These softly-lit glass temples seem to invite a destructive impulse—like taking to the delicate walls with a hammer. A headline about someone smashing every item in an Apple Store might make you picture such mayhem, but that’s not quite how it happened. Instead, the video below showcases something more controlled, though no less destructive.

source: youtube

The man in the video, clearly angry, can be seen brandishing a boule (the metal ball used for a French bowling game, not the round bread loaf by the same name—though that would be amazing). He uses the ball to smash, one-at-a-time, each piece of electronic equipment on display at an Apple Store in Dijon, France.

Disgruntled with the customer service he had received, the man walked slowly while employees looked on, hammering his sports-ball into iPhones and a Macbook Air, muttering in French. It was a decidedly low-key way to destroy many expensive things, and store security waited for him to leave before doing anything. It looks like a childish tantrum, but at least nobody got hurt. The way the man and the security guard walk away from the camera almost makes it look like they are having a philosophical discussion about the whole ordeal.

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