Funny Selfies To Honor International Selfie Day!


Yeah, there’s really an International Selfie Day!

What did we ever do before the self-facing camera feature on smart devices? I remember back when you had to take a picture with an actual camera and film, then take the film to a processor and wait a couple days to even see your pics! Nowadays, you can take a picture with the tablet built into your refrigerator! Yeesh!

Apparently the world loves selfies enough to declare June 21st International Selfie Day. To honor this prestigious day, we’re sharing the funniest selfies on the internet!

Going old school!

Before wireless communication there was this! That’s a phone. It was called a landline. The black-and-white circular part on the front was where you dialed (they didn’t have voice activation back then ). As arcane as this may seem, it wasn’t that long ago that we relied on these phones as our only means of live communication. I know, horrendous!

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