This Girl Called Out Her Brother’s Deadbeat Dad for Saying That a Boy with a Princess Cake Was “Wrong”


Welcome to another day in outrage (though thankfully this bit of outrage comes paired with a killer response and a happy ending). A 20-year old girl named Aniston and her large blended family of 11 were in the process of planning a birthday party for Aniston’s little half-brother Barrett. For his third birthday, Barrett–a big fan of the Super Mario franchise and it’s eclectic cast of colorful characters–had a Mario and Luigi themed cake. For his fourth, he wanted to continue celebrating his big day with the things he loves, so he asked for a cake with Princess Peach on it.

This is, of course, was a totally natural thing for this boy to want, as a fan of the video game and its characters. Plus, Princess Peach is super cool. Just look at her go!

source: youtube

Barrett’s mom, Shawna, was thrilled about the idea, and went right to creating a cake design, which she posted to Facebook. Above the image, she wrote: “I was pretty stoked about Barrett having a Lego party… but if your son changes his mind and wants Princess Peach, then your son gets Princess Peach. Take that, gender roles!” Unfortunately, Barrett’s dad–described by Shawna and Aniston as a “deadbeat who’s never around” –thought otherwise, finding it appropriate to respond to the post, saying, “that’s just wrong!”

As Shawna would say is the norm for her outspoken daughter, Aniston quickly got to typing on her phone. She then clapped back with something I think we can all agree on: “I’m pretty sure judging a 4-year-old’s interests while simultaneously being an uninvolved parent is more wrong than a little kid liking Princess Peach.” Underneath was the now iconic meme of Kermit the Frog drinking tea, with the hashtag #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness.

Like most thick-headed numbskulls, the dad–who “doesn’t pay for anything and never has,” according to Shawna– didn’t like being told he was wrong, and texted Shawna, threatening to unfriend her on Facebook if Aniston continued to “talk s***” (because it’s clearly a better idea to act like an angry teenager than actually support your child.

Shawna proceeded to defend her daughter and dress the dad down with all of the things he’s failed to do, including being there for Barrett’s birth. Then, she rightly unfriended him herself, because who has time for this dude.

Aniston shared all of this on social media, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. People are not just excited about Barrett’s non-gender-conforming birthday, but happy that he has such strong women in his life defending and taking care of him.

And Shawna couldn’t be more excited for the big day, saying,  “He’s having one hell of a birthday party. It’s going to be pink and yellow everywhere.”

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