What This Guy Did With Two Buckets of Pennies Will Shock You [VIDEO]


How to Pay for an Unjust Speeding Ticket – It Gets Really Interesting at the 3:02 mark!

Have you ever received a speeding ticket or fine that you didn’t deserve?

This local legend had the best solution.

According to the video, the driver had to pay a $212 speeding ticket. Clearly, he didn’t feel as though the fine was deserved, so he had a surprise at the courthouse for officials. After handing the official his ticket and getting everything ready, Chuck Norris of speeding tickets walked to his vehicle to get the money.

Check out the video.


The driver pulls two huge buckets from his car. They are filled with $212 worth of pennies. He walks back into the courthouse (without stopping through security) and dumps the pennies on the counter. The courthouse worker looked stunned.

The sad thing is, the officer didn’t have to pick up and count all of those pennies. Another case of misplaced aggression. Lol.

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