Hawaii’s Animal Sanctuary Where You Can Cuddle With 500 Cats!


Traveling to the Caribbean for vacation is so overrated! Instead, you and your friends can take a trip to Hawaii to cuddle with hundreds of cute kittens!



People from around the globe are making their way to the small Hawaiian island of Lanai. Lanai is the sixth largest of the Hawaiian Islands and the smallest publicly accessible island in the chain of islands. Besides being a beautiful and exotic island, it is becoming a popular destination for cat lovers. If you love cats, or if you’re a proud “cat lady,” this Hawaiian destination needs to be added to your bucket list.

If you have ever dreamed of being surrounded by hundreds of cats, then the Lanai Cat Sanctuary is the place to be. The sanctuary is home to almost 500 felines, and tourists from all over the world are heading to the island to cuddle with these furry creatures. The sanctuary covers an area of 25,000 square feet, and visitors are given the chance to cuddle, pet, and hang out with as many cats as they can before their vacations end. All of the cats are free to explore any part of the sanctuary, so visitors shouldn’t be surprised if cats start to follow them around. In a video posted by the sanctuary, tourists are seen playing and cuddling with cats, and these kitties love every minute of it. From belly scratches to sneaking up on people and sleeping in the laps of visitors, these cats are in their own heaven.



According to the sanctuary’s website, this kitty paradise “provides a home for cats found at large on the island so that they will not struggle to survive.” Interested individuals can adopt or foster a cat, but any cat that doesn’t find a home is free to spend the rest of its life at the sanctuary. The site offers information about the cats and photos of some of the ones you can adopt. The organization even provides those interested in adoption with a very simple process on how you can make a certain kitten yours no matter what country you are from. The sanctuary relies on donations to help keep it going. They even welcome volunteers to help feed and look after the animals.

What could be better than being covered by hundreds of cats in a beautiful place like Hawaii? The sanctuary is open every day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., so cat lovers will have plenty of time to experience the feeling of having dozens of cats snuggling up to them. The area is heaven on earth for these lucky felines, where photos show them greeting guests, climbing logs, sleeping in the sun, and even resting in unusual spots.



The Lanai Cat Sanctuary has gained so much popularity that a man traveled all the way from Japan to Lanai just to spend one day with the cute cats. It’s pretty hard to blame him when you can literally lie in the grass in the beautiful Hawaiian weather and spend a few hours petting friendly cats. While the journey to get to Hawaii may be a long one, it’ll definitely be worth it after checking out the sanctuary. Which one of your friends can say that she traveled to a Hawaiian island to cuddle with 500 cats?

Traveling to the sanctuary for a cat lover is even more exciting knowing that you might want to take one or even two of these felines home with you. It’s not surprising that the sanctuary allows tourists to adopt these cats because after spending a whole day with a particular one, who wouldn’t want to take a kitten home? However, if you aren’t lucky enough to take one of these adorable cats back home with you, the sanctuary also has an “adopt in place” program that allows a person to donate money to a cat of his or her choice. People are also welcome to donate money to the sanctuary in order to bring some new toys to the area.

So if you’re already thinking about places to travel during the cold winter months, consider the Lanai Cat Sanctuary. This is a cat lovers’ dream, and you never know, you may end up going back home with one or two new furry friends.

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