Hilarious Snapchats Taken At Art Museums


Who says going to the museum has to be boring?

Some people are just not museum-going types. They complain about the walking, tourists constantly crowding priceless works of art, and even more endless walking. Finding yourself glancing at artwork for hours can eventually lead to getting neck cramps, which is never any fun. And if you’re just not the artsy type what is there to do? Thankfully, that is why smartphones and apps where invented. We already check out social media every chance we get, so why not put a few apps to work at a place you can’t stand, and make the most of your trip?

Museums don’t have to be a drag when you have so many social media apps. When you’re at an art museum and you have Snapchat, you’re in luck. Practically everyone knows what the app is, but if you’re living under a rock , Snapchat is a messaging application used to share photos, videos, text and drawings with your friends. The app is hugely popular with young people, so chances are your friends have it. So while you’re stuck at the art museum, you can definitely turn that boring experience into a fun adventure with your smartphone.

Art museums are probably among the best places to whip out your phone and Snapchat like mad. There are an endless number of statues and busts, frescoes, paintings and drawings to glance at, and these same statues and paintings can become hilarious Snapchats. Hopefully, art lovers aren’t feeling disrespected by these funny Snapchats. But these app users have an imagination all their own when it comes to using these ancient structures and art works to give their friends a few laughs.



What we don’t realize is how some of these statues and paintings from hundreds of years ago can actually relate to today’s pop culture. Take for example the image above, where we see three men joining hands. Does their stance ring a bell? It looks as if this person nailed it on Snapchat, referencing Beyoncé’s famous hit, “Single Ladies.” He or she must have been familiar with Beyoncé’s infamous dance moves for the song. Maybe Queen Bee visited this particular art museum herself and got inspired by these men and the unique way they’re standing together. Either way, this person had some harmless fun and found a little more enjoyment in going to the museum.



Sometimes people really let their imagination go when they’re visiting an art gallery. This Snapchatter had the right idea after noticing that this bust’s reflection showed through the glass it was in. He or she had the perfect caption for this particular bust, referencing Christina Aguilera’s popular song, “Reflection,” from the Disney movie Mulan. What could be more appropriate then the lyrics, “When will my reflection show, who I am inside?” It even looks as if this bust is contemplating her own reflection, maybe asking herself, “Is this how I really look when I get up in the morning?” Or even, “Where the heck is the rest of my body?” This was a fantastic way to waste some time at the museum.



This next Snapchat is definitely something almost everyone can relate to. You know those people who always post about the proper way to use the words there, their and they’re, and to, too and two? We get it; thank you for the lesson. I’m pretty sure we learned this is grade school, but for those who still don’t understand how to use them, I feel a bit sorry for you. Well, this Snapchatter had a brilliant idea for incorporating Christ himself, who looks very annoyed at those grammar nutcases. This painting and its Snapchat caption make it seem as though Jesus is rolling his eyes, not amused at your ability to spot incorrect grammar usage.

These are just a few hilarious Snapchats taken at art museums. The next time you’re forced to go to one, just remember that it can actually be an enjoyable experience this time around. You’ll be passing time trying to think of something creative and humorous to say about a statue or painting, and of course, it’s all in good fun. Just remember to respect some of the statues, like the ones posing naked. It wasn’t their idea to be stared at by millions when they’re lacking in a certain department! But they do make for some extremely funny Snapchat moments.

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