Husky Puppy Does His Absolute Best to Try and Help Sibling Climb a Wall


source: youtube

We all need a hand sometimes. Siblings share a special bond, and when one person is in a rut, the other is always there to give them that extra push they need to keep on going. Both humans and animals are similar in this way, though we forget that some animals are capable of most of the same behaviors as humans. So when one husky puppy was having trouble climbing a wall, can you guess who was there to help him out?

In this very adorable video, we meet a husky puppy trying to climb a short wall, but unfortunately, his little legs are not enough to get over. As the pup keeps on struggling, his sibling looks like he is coming to the rescue. At first, the second husky tries to grab his brother by the mouth to drag him up. However, he has no luck and the pup falls back down. Again, the second little puppy tries pushing his brother from behind, but the brother won’t cooperate—it appears that he wants to try and do it all by himself. As he continues to struggle climbing the wall, the brother watches, but no sibling wants to see their brother or sister having a hard time. This instance is all too familiar with humans. There is nothing like a sibling bond, and when one sibling is in trouble, the other is always there for them, just like these pups.

As the adorable video continues, the husky that was having a difficult time with the wall wants no help whatsoever. He gets upset with his brother and warns him to stay back. Finally, the pup latches on to the wall and with a little hardship, manages to climb it! Now, the other husky pup wants to do the same, and as he is about to make the bug jump, collapses over himself onto the grass and dirt. His brother just stares at him as he sits on the grass, possibly contemplating why that didn’t work out the way he wanted it too.

It is special to see siblings helping one another. In this instance, one brother was too stubborn to need any help and eventually made the climb alone. Humans can definitely relate to this video because we probably all have one brother or sister who is too stubborn to want any help of any kind. However, I’m sure they’ll need their help at one point in their lives and in the meantime, we hope these pups can learn a thing or two about sibling bonding.

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