James Corden Sent His Adorable Parents Out On the Grammy’s Red Carpet


source: youtube

Just a couple of weeks ago, James Corden took some time from his usual Late Late Show hosting duties — or rather, added an extra gig to his already busy schedule — to host the Grammy’s instead. The ceremony had its fair share of highlights — Corden fake fell down some stairs, a very pregnant Beyonce gave a spellbinding performance, Cee-Lo came dressed as a cross between C3PO and Goldmember from that Austin Powers movie, and Rihanna visibly drank from a flask to get through it all, to name a few. The show’s low-lights included an awkward attempt at doing a live version of Corden’s popular Carpool Karaoke segment, but some fun was certainly had behind the scenes, too. On his talk show, Corden aired a segment showing his cute parents, in the United States to support their son while celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary, as they explored the award show’s backstage area and mingled with celebrities.

Of course, each parental platitude is undercut by a heaping dose of quality dad and mom jokes. The intro finds Corden’s parents standing outside the Staples Center — where the ceremony was held — the day before the big show and his father, Malcolm, declares:  “We’re so proud of our son James, who’s hosting the show tomorrow night. He’s inside rehearsing at the moment. I know that that may come as a shock to you all to hear that he does rehearse, but we think that’s what he’s doing.” The two enter the building to find out where they’ll be sitting. When Malcolm starts canoodling with the cardboard stand-ins for Rihanna and Carrie Underwood, Corden’s mother Margaret says “That’s as close as you’re gonna get.”

Malcolm and Margaret also go to the gift lounge, that mythical place that exists at every award show where sponsors and out thousands of dollars in free stuff to famous people who don’t need it. From the looks of their haul, free items at the 2017 Grammy’s would seem to include a bunch of odd facial rejuvenation tools, including one particularly phallic looking “face roller”, lots of champagne, headphones, kimonos, hair extensions, and hula hoops. Malcolm is not a bad hula-hooper. The rest of the video follows the two as they talk to celebrities backstage. They get to ballroom dance to an impromptu Metallica hallway performance of Master of Puppets. A former member of the Royal Air Force band, Malcolm also jams out on sax with the likes of Anderson .Paak and John Legend. When they finally get to the red carpet, they — like any good parents –ask everybody, including a genuinely confused Skrillex, what they think of their son. In the end, it seems they also have an arrangement that allows for them to go home with a popstar of their choosing. Watch the whole thing below and see who it is.

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