Kids Dress Themselves For The First Time


Watch these adorable kids master the art of dressing themselves. It may seem simple, but some of these kids have an imagination all their own.


There will be a time in everyone’s life where they can no longer depend on their parents for everything. The days of getting free food, clothes and toys will one day be past us and we’re going to have to get a job to start paying for things ourselves. Before we get into all that adult stuff, there are still a few things our parents need to teach us so that we’re prepared for the world. Things like using the right utensils and saying please and thank you are very important, but let’s not forget that it’s our parents who also taught us how to get dressed.

In this short two-minute clip called, “Kids Try and Dress Themselves For the First Time,” we meet a bunch of kids who are given the chance to go through a rack of clothes and accessories and dress themselves. While some kids have no problem putting their heads through t-shirt holes and legs into each pant leg, other kids need as much help as they can get. In this hilarious and adorable video, we get too see all different personality with these kids and how some still need their “mommy” for help.

At the beginning of the clip we see little Suvi putting on her socks, and while it appears that she’s got it, she ultimately gives up and carries her sock in her hand while racing to her mom for help. The kids are given tons of encouragement by their parents like “You’re doing it!” and “Good job!” We see one kid put on a pair of shark swim trunks the wrong way, but effortlessly put on a raincoat. After getting a few good praises from mom, he ends up taking off his trunks to try on a swimsuit and reveals his bottom. He even asks his mom for some help while putting his little legs through the swimsuit and perfectly gets it on. When his mom asks him, “What do you think?” The boy smiles and says, “Good!”

While some kids look like pros, others needed a few extra hands to put on their clothes. One girl appeared to be stuck in her dress and immediately ran to her mom. Another girl got some help from her older sister, putting on a cute tutu skirt, but she falls putting her leg in it. The last kid to dress himself definitely put on a show. At first he knows the item he grabbed are pants, but instead of putting them on, jokingly puts them on his head. We wonder if he got that from his mom or dad? He doesn’t stop there; he finds a blanket and puts that on his head too.

From piling on necklaces to putting on an astronaut helmet, these kids have an imagination all their own. We like to thank their parents and lets not forget to thank our own mom and dad for helping us learn how to properly get dressed.

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