Kids Try 100 Years of Airline Food


source: youtube

Airplane food from the 1920s is a lot different from the food we are offered on flights today. It is amazing to take a look back and see just how minimal food options were back then. These kids try airline food from the past century, and their reactions are priceless.

First, a few kids try airline food from the 1920s. The meal consisted of a canteen of water, assorted sandwiches, and cans of army rations. Some of the cans offered on airlines back then were meat and vegetable stews, as well as plain beans.

In the 1930s (around the time of Amelia Earhart’s journey across the Atlantic), the kids are given hard-boiled eggs, tomato juice and hot chocolate. While some kids hated the tomato juice, others were pleased to see eggs on the menu.

During the 1940s, passengers aboard flights experienced a classier meal, which included filet mignon, cremini mushrooms, Caesar salad, sparkling grape juice, and a piece of chocolate cake. The more dignified food items didn’t impress the kids too much, but the chocolate cake kept them satisfied.

The 1950s really got into the spirit of giving, offering passengers a tray of food varying from caviar, prosciutto, mozzarella stuffed tomatoes, and assorted pastries. One girl asked, “Do astronauts eat this?, referring to a macaroon. One boy was shocked to learn that people ate fish eggs on a plane.

The food definitely seemed to be getting smaller and a bit healthier as the years went on. During the 1960s, flights offered baked salmon with brown rice, vegetables, and a side salad. Kids seemed to like the meal overall.

In the 1970s, there were no other food options than salted peanuts. Kids were astounded—and perhaps disappointed—by how little was offered.

In the 1980s, people were given spaghetti and meatballs, a salad and a can of Coke. It wasn’t as fancy as a meal in the 50s, but it seemed cheaper to use plastic forks and plates.

The 1990s got even cheaper on airlines, offering passengers a carryout box with a smoked turkey sandwich, a banana, and chips. The kids seemed to only care about the snacks this time around.

In the 2000s, food portions seemed to dwindle as passengers were given a small frozen personal pizza and green grapes. The kids loved the pizza, and who wouldn’t? One girl did say that the pizza portion was just too small.

Now, getting to 2016, airline food gets much healthier, and portions are a lot better. Food consists of kale, chickpeas, raisins, and grape tomatoes with a mini water bottle. These kids may not have been fans of the healthier choices, but they’ll grow to appreciate it. Their reactions to trying quinoa are truly hysterical, and one kid is shocked to learn this is given to passengers. I think they’d rather stick to the pizza of the 2000s.

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