Kim Kardashian Robbed at Gunpoint in Paris Hotel




As you may have already heard, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint this past Monday night while staying alone in her Paris suite. She had a gun held to her head before five thieves managed to flee with millions of dollars in stolen goods. Since then, there’s been no shortage of media coverage of every detail of the event. There is also a lot of speculation as to who the guilty parties are, and who may not be telling the truth.

The Rundown



Kim Kardashian was in Paris for a fashion show, and could not be accompanied by her husband Kanye West because he had a concert in New York City. Around 3 A.M. Monday night, according to Kim, five masked men gained entry into her Hôtel de Pourtalès apartment by forcing the concierge to let them in. She was alone in the apartment, but her friend was downstairs sleeping.

Kim apparently had a gun pointed to her head before being duct-taped and zip-tied. At which point, according to TMZ, she believed the masked men were going to rape her. Kim was then brought to her bathtub as she begged the robbers to spare her life and take all the jewelry and money they wanted. According to Kim, the men simply kept saying “ring,” and didn’t understand English. Ironically, Kim had been showing off the new ring her husband Kanye West had bought her on Instagram just before the robbery took place. The insurance claim filed by Kim and Kanye valued the stolen ring at $4 million, while the rest of the other items totaled at $1.6 million.

Kim left Paris on a private plane on Monday, after giving her official statement to police. Kim took every measure to keep her homecoming secure, showing up at her home in New York with 10 vehicles, including NYPD, escorting her and her entourage. She then took a private jet back to Los Angeles with her kids and mother on Thursday. According to Paris police, the thieves may have found out about the jewelry via Kim’s social media accounts. They noted that the jewels that were stolen were ones that were available for all to see on Kim’s Instagram.



Police had to get security footage from a shop across the street from the hotel because the hotel did not have any security cameras. However, the footage showed a limo passing the hotel more than once in the middle of the night in addition to showing Kim yelling from her balcony.

Many of Kim’s paparazzi believe they saw men following Kim via car and scooter during her time in Paris. The most suspicious of the men seen following her apparently spoke French. The paparazzi also apparently tried to warn Kim’s security about the men. There are several theories circulating regarding whom the guilty party is. Most notably, many believe the heist to be an inside job, while others believe it to be the work of the Pink Panthers, a group of international thieves. No one has been taken into custody yet.

The masked men were able to escape with the money and jewelry before Pascal Duvier, Kim’s bodyguard, was able to get to the apartment. It seems that this entire debacle could have been avoided if the Kim family bodyguard had been with Kim the night of the robbery. However, he was busy watching over Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian during their time at a local nightclub. Where this story starts to get sticky is that Duvier had filed for bankruptcy protection just 10 weeks earlier.

The hotel concierge also had some explaining to do, telling police that he was put into handcuffs and forced at gunpoint to lead the thieves to Kim’s suite. According to Kim, the concierge remained very calm throughout the robbery, telling her “I don’t know” when she asked him if they were going to die. The thieves then took the concierge with them back downstairs afterwards. He has since written an open letter to Kim in which he stated “at that moment calm means… life… both our lives.”

Following the reports of the robbery, many have begun to wonder how Kim has been holding up since her near-death experience. Sources close to the Kardashians have said that Kim feels terrible about the accusations that she brought this upon herself or even staged the robbery as a publicity stunt. She is reportedly very sad about the current situation, struggling not to cry in front of her three-year-old daughter, North.

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