Lady Gaga is the Best at Carpool Karaoke


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Okay, okay. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably all know the set up to a Carpool Karaoke segment at this point: James Corden, host of CBS’s Late Late Show, and a famous guest drive around Los Angeles under the pretext that they are carpooling together. Of course, transportational convenience is not the real reason Corden and his guests are cruising around town. Instead, the segments function as a showcase for a very special type of performance–the act of singing along to the car radio. You know that thing when you’re alone and your song comes on and you can’t help but get swept up in the music, or when you and your friends know all the words to a song and there’s no excuse not to sing? It’s sort of like that. So when we see Lady Gaga (dressed like a gold-foil wrapped Christmas present)  in the passenger seat of Corden’s car, it isn’t too long before the two start belting out the hits, and Gaga–with her theatrical pedigree–is the perfect fit for this concert on wheels.

Clearly promoting her new album, Joanne, Gaga starts off by joining Corden in a spirited rendition of that record’s lead single, Perfect Illusion, but not before she brings some salty language and light road rage to the proceedings, something that can likely be attributed to Gaga’s New York upbringing (a New York temperament and Los Angeles traffic are not the best mix, after all). And later in the video, after a rousing performance of Bad Romance, she even takes her turn behind the wheel. Though she assures Corden that she knows how to drive, it takes her some time to figure out the controls on this particular car, and the look on the host’s face when she takes off from their parking space shows that he has his fair share of concerns. When he asks her if she’s driven in New York, and whether she knows all of the requisite hand signals drivers use there, she says yes before raising a middle finger. When next we see them, they are singing The Edge of Glory, and Corden has affixed a bike helmet onto his head for maximum precaution.

Throughout the video, highlights include Gaga listing all of the pieces of Michael Jackson memorabilia she owns, Corden dressing up in a variety of the singer’s past outfits, and the both of them doing some Benedict Cumberbatch related vocal exercises while running through hit songs both new and old (oh, and they attempt to make a run through the chorus of O-Town’s Liquid Dreams, so there’s that).

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