When Was the Last Time You Slept Like This!


This incredible pug is on Instagram living life.



The video opens and the the pug’s front paws are on the couch. It looks like he’s trying to hold himself awake. The poor guy has to choose between a sitting up and what probably will be a great nap. Over and over again, he dozes in off like any person would. And it’s hilarious.

Take a look at the video.

Put yourself in his shoes for a minute. Think about it. There is a huge soft couch at your dream home. There’s a warm breeze and you just can’t stay awake. This dog sure couldn’t.


The pug is known on Instagram via TheTugBoatShow and appears to spend all of his time living like any other millennial. He’s on Instagram being reckless with his friends. Snapping photos in the morning


Giving advice #WifeGoals.

Working on his Fitness

And winning hearts all over the internet.

This is too cute not to share!

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