Little Girl Swims In Pool With Giant Burmese Python


source: youtube

If you have a fear of spiders, snakes, or even birds, you are not alone. These creatures may have instilled a fear in us because of a bad experience so that just the thought of them may give us the shivers. But for one little girl, snakes are no big deal, and what may be a nightmare for many is her friend. In a YouTube video that has gone viral, a small girl swims casually in her pool with a giant Burmese Python.

In the one minute and 30 second video, a small girl plays in her backyard pool with a giant albino Burmese Python. What looks like a terrifying moment for some is just another day of fun for this little girl. The snake seems to enjoy being in the water and the girl swims right up to it and pets it as if it were a cute dog. In the video, she continues to swim with the long snake and even goes underwater to get a closer look at it while dad records the moment, laughing and saying, “Girl vs. Python.”

Burmese Pythons are known for attacking and killing whatever is in their way. They have been observed attacking humans and several other large prey. Yet YouTube user Corey Wallace, who uploaded the cringe-worthy video, claims his python, Sumatra, has been around children since she was a baby. Sumatra is now 8-years-old and has reportedly attended over 500 birthday parties and events. Wallace explained that Sumatra has never killed anything and even likes their other family pets: a cat and a dog.

Wallace’s video has already gained over 3.5 million views and continues to amass more. It’s not everyday that you see a little girl playing with a gigantic snake as if it were her pet hamster. Even the other girl in the pool—perhaps a friend or sister—seems to be okay with the snake swimming around. If you’re interested in seeing more of Sumatra, just follow Wallace on YouTube. He has a number of videos of his pet snake getting out of the pool and he even swims underwater with Sumatra himself. It is truly amazing how humans and animals can connect. Still, having a pet snake like a Burmese Python is not for everyone and things can take a turn for the worse. So before you decide to get a snake as a pet, do your research, because these creatures are known to strike just about anything they can get their teeth on.

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