Little Girl Walks With Baby White Rhino


A three-year-old girl comfortably walks with her new pal in Kenya – an endangered baby white rhino, and her parents are there to film the cute moment!


It’s not everyday your child gets to casually walk right next to a wild animal. Maybe you’ve taken them to the zoo once or twice to see these amazing creatures, but this three-year-old girl got the opportunity to actually walk along with an endangered baby white rhino. While some parents might cringe watching this video of a child walking next to a powerful wild animal, her parents have no problems capturing the cute footage.

The 30-second video was filmed at Ol Pejeta Conservatory in Kenya. At the start of the clip the cute girl, wearing all pink and carrying her bag says, “Mum, I just teach him how to walk next to me [sic],” she said, adding, “He was walking towards me, I just saw him.” At one point the white rhino, named Ringo, gets a little too close to the girl, but she moves away slightly, and continues on her stroll. The moment may have frightened the girl just a little, but a male’s voice reassures her, and said, “It’s ok, he can’t see real good.”

Apparently, small children walking with the endangered white rhino baby isn’t anything new. According to a spokesperson for the conservatory, “On Ol Pejeta, children get an incredible chance to meet Ringo the rhino. They get up close and personal with him and learn about wildlife and conservation,” the spokesperson said, adding, “This is the future. Only if we teach children to respect and appreciate animals will we be able to turn the tide of extinction.”

The spokesperson also encourages people to come to the conservatory and meet these endangered animals like Ringo. “So bring your child to Ol Pejeta and teach them to be kind.”

The conservatory welcomes people from anywhere to come and visit. Their mission is to keep the land safe, especially looking after endangered species. They also welcome people to interact with the wildlife and learn a thing or two about the importance of these animals. What is great about this conservatory is that not only do you contribute to the help in preserving the life of these animals, you get to go out into the wild yourself and experience the land around you. There must see animals include chimpanzees and rhinos. You can also explore Kenya on a safari, where you travel through 90,000 acres of the wild and get up close to elephants, wild dogs, hyenas, buffalo, cheetahs and more.

So if you’re more of an explorer and adventurer, this conservatory might be a great getaway for not only you, but for your kids also. Don’t forget to get the camera rolling when they’re the ones strolling casually with a baby white rhino by their side.

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