Mailman Writes Letters to Dog on His Route




There’s a new brand of cross-cultural understanding in town: postman and dog. One of the oldest classic rivalries is between the mail delivery man and the neighborhood dog. Dogs are notorious for being suspicious of unknown characters lurking around their territory. This is why so many cartoons and stories include a dog chasing away the postman.

Well, no more. A truce has been created in Brisbane, Australia by Pippa the dog and human, Martin Studer.

Pippa, a golden retriever, was given a job by her family: collect the mail every day. And without fail, Pippa faithfully and joyfully completes her job. Pippa’s new friend and mailman, Martin began to notice that every day Pippa would be outside her house waiting for Martin and her family’s mail.

And then one day, Martin arrived and didn’t have any mail for Pippa’s humans. Martin sadly told Pippa that there was no mail for the day and then he watched her face became sad. Crestfallen, Pippa went back inside.

Martin knew that he couldn’t disappoint Pippa again, so he began thinking of a plan. He knew he couldn’t give Pippa anyone else’s mail, so he decided she needed some of her own mail on days that her family didn’t receive any letters.



Her Own Personal Letter

The next time Martin arrived at Pippa’s door without letters for her family, he improvised. He grabbed a piece of paper and addressed a letter to Pippa for her to carry inside. Pippa was thrilled. Martin later told Buzzfeed, “It’s good to break down that ‘postie vs. dog’ stereotype.” Yes, Martin, yes it is.

The letter Martin delivered for Pippa was hand drawn and said, “Mail For Pippa,” and included some nicely drawn hearts at the end.

Forever more, Pippa won’t be disappointed because her mailman, Martin, knows how important it is for her to complete her job – and how happy she is when she gets to deliver mail to her family. Never again will Martin arrive at Pippa’s door without at least some mail for her.

Martin has also let The Huffington Post know that he makes friends with all of the dogs on his route, but his relationship with Pippa is special. Like all good friendships, they share a common interest: mail. Martin has been on Pippa’s route for two or three years now and we all hope their friendship continues strong forever.

It’s clear from Martin’s Facebook page that he loves his job and he loves getting to know the dogs along his route. And as he says, in his lovely Australian accent we imagine, it’s good to break down the “postie vs. dog stereotype.” Martin posts lots of photos of the dogs along his mail delivery route, but it’s clear that Pippa is the favorite.

Since the original post went up, it’s received more than 10,000 likes and thousands of shares. Martin even posted a photo recently of a happy Pippa looking into the camera. He captioned the photo “Someone is happy about being famous!” And you can just tell by the look on her face that Pippa loves her friendship with Martin and getting to carry the mail in to her family every day.

Pippa and Martin have brought such joy to the people of the Internet with their endearing story. We hope their sweet friendship lasts a lifetime and that Pippa keeps getting mail every day. A dog’s gotta have a job for her family.

source: youtube

More Dogs and Postmen

Ready for another great dog and mailman story? If we hop over to New Zealand, we find another canine-loving postman. Caught on hidden camera by the dog’s owner, we see the postman ride up to the house, get off his bike, and call over the hip-height fence to the dog lying on the ground.

Clearly happy for the attention, the dog comes up to the fence and stands up on his hind legs to get closer to the mailman. You can clearly see that this is not the first time these two have met. And it’s confirmed by the dog’s owner that the unidentified mail delivery man gets off his bike everyday to give a little love to the dog. Whether there’s mail or packages or even nothing to deliver, the dog gets a pat.

We love stories like this. It’s the little things in life that mean so much, which we should be thankful for. Pippa loves getting mail, the mailmen love getting to know the dogs along their route and creating friendships, and the owners appreciate the gestures made by their postmen. Stay thankful friends and always remember the little things.

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