Man Posts Hilarious Fake Animal Facts At Zoo!


Jeff Wysaski’s fake zoo signs are too funny!

You think you know animals? Well, you don’t know animals until you’ve read these incredible animal facts!

Recently, visitors to the Los Angeles Zoo were treated to some ‘lesser-known’ animal facts thanks to Jeff Wysaski. He took it upon himself to create and post some fictional signs at various animal displays. Jeff is no stranger to a little mischievousness. He runs the tongue-in-cheek website, Pleated Jeans, and if this little zoo stunt was simply a way to bring attention to his website, congratulations sir, it worked!

These faux-info signs look the part. They even have the zoo’s logo, although it’s next to another logo called ‘obvious plant.’ You might have heard of the Obvious Plant project before. It’s basically a campaign in which Wysaski (and probably some copycats) use public spaces to have a little fun with people. These zoo signs aren’t the first time they’ve struck.

In the above photo, you’ll see that Obvious Plant had some fun at a bookseller’s expense (looks like a Barnes & Noble, just about the only brick-and-mortar book seller left). Yes, those are take-out menus for Chipotle, Baja Fresh, Panda Express, and Jamba Juice!

As funny as that is, their newest campaign at the LA Zoo might just be their best work to date.

“I was somewhat bored with these more traditional humor avenues, so I started looking for something new.” -Jeff Wysaski

His intention is to instill a touch of humor into completely normal situations. Usually this humor comes in a thought-provoking setting. Like the takeout menus placed in the cookbook section of a bookstore. The zoo signs act in the same way.

These signs had plenty of zoo visitors pleasantly confused. These visitors then turned to social media to share their fun little discovery. That’s when these pictures went viral. In a big way!

Thank you, Jeff! These hilarious signs made our week!!!!

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