The Millennial’s Opinion of Señor Trump


Fox news thinks we’re dumb. At least they want their audience to think so. Bill O’Reilly isn’t known for being fair or balanced and it’s clear his show cast this segment (by Jesse Waters) to further reinforce their message.

It opens with a problem: With 18-29 year olds, Hillary Clinton is favored 62% to Trump’s 25%. So what should we do? Discredit them as being ignorant of course! It’s what Democrats were doing to Donald Trump, albeit in a more sophisticated manner. CNN’s version grabbed people they thought looked respectable, dressed them in their Sunday’s best and marched them to the studio, knowing full well they’d say crazy things. Are these crazy things things that Trump has also said? Maybe.


In this version, they find a couple millennials on the street. One wearing a cap full of button and bottle cap pins, another talking about the ‘conceived’ (perceived) notion of the label, ‘millennials’. Thanks Fox and Bill. Thanks.

The Reporter tells his story in the casting of this video. The minority of Trump supporters he shows are very articulate with one saying that his [Trump’s] “views are what can really straighten out America again.” Their narrative is that most millennials are broke and jobless and the ones who aren’t, support Trump. It’s a crazy narrative, but one they still try to illustrate.


We could ask further questions about when America was great, and who were the winners and losers when it was… but
let’s not overthink this as Jesse Waters says.

After being told that Trump was racist and only likes his kind (by someone with a heavy accent, used to elicit laughter) he says “if Trump only likes his kind, why did he marry an immigrant? As if Melania isn’t just as lily white as the Don. As though she didn’t exist and thrive in his social sphere as a model. As though his marrying another white person from another country made him not racist.

I digress. I don’t actually think he’s racist in that he wants everyone else to die. I think he just believes he is better. That’s fine right? That’s why it’s ok to make fun of the fringe members of society. Superiority. Right?

The feelings of the writers are evident in the casting. Draw your own conclusions.

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