Mom Captures Son’s Excitement When Hearing He Is Cancer Free



This young boy just got the best news of his life and his reaction is priceless.

Among the most devastating news for any parent is learning that their child has cancer. This is truly a shattering event and can become an emotional roller coaster for everyone in the family.  When Casi Morris of Bartlesville, Oklahoma found out that her young son was diagnosed with leukemia, it was heartbreaking. All she dreamed about was how one day he would be cancer free.

In 2014, this Oklahoma mom was concerned about her youngest son, Ben, who was starting to lose weight. Sixteen days after bringing him to the doctor, she received the overwhelming news that Ben was diagnosed with leukemia. After hearing the news, Ben and his family decided to fight the disease hard, and not let cancer stop Ben from living life as a regular boy. Photos show the youngster keeping his head held high and being the bravest he could be while undergoing many chemo sessions. After 1,167 days of treatment, Morris got a life-changing phone call from the doctor; Ben’s latest tests for leukemia came back negative, which meant he was cancer free.

Morris decided to record the moment she told her son he no longer had to deal with agonizing treatments and was finally cancer free. It was a special occasion for the Morris family and we are especially happy Ben’s mother shared this incredible news with the world. In the two-minute clip, Morris records herself saying that Ben is now cancer free and no longer has to go back and forth to the hospital. Ben’s bone marrow no longer showed sings of cancer and he will be able to end treatment in just 34 days. It is truly an indescribable moment for a mother to tell her son the most exciting news he may ever hear in his life. As Morris enters her house, she calls for Ben to come downstairs from his room. As he descends the stairs, followed by his older brother, Ethan, Morris tells her son, “You are cancer free, you don’t have cancer anymore.” Ben quickly replies, “Do I still get to go to camp?” And then Ben shows his excitement by jumping up and down the stairs. The smile that comes across Ben’s face after hearing the news is heart-melting. It is truly an amazing moment for the Morris family.

Morris continues to film both her sons after sharing the incredible news. Ben will have to go to the hospital for his final chemo treatment on July 5th, and after that, he can be a regular kid again. At the end of the clip, we see Ben in the living room with his brother dancing for joy. Both Ben and Ethan cannot control their excitement. Ethan continues to dance in circles with a huge grin on his face while Ben yells at the top of his lungs, “Yes, yes, yes!”  After Morris tells him he beat cancer, Ben immediately drops to the floor in disbelief, and who wouldn’t? It has been quite a journey for Ben and the Morris family, whose lives changed drastically in 2014. They ended the emotional clip with a quote that read:

“Today we fight. Tomorrow we fight. The day after we fight. And if this disease plans on whipping us, it better bring a lunch, ‘cause it’s gonna have a long day doing it.”

Trying to cope with cancer, especially if it is a child who has been diagnosed, is such a private and emotional time for any family. Both the patient and the family enter a frightening world, but adjusting to this stressful event can make families, like the Morrises, so much stronger. There are millions of children who are cancer survivors. Their stories of bravery and survival are especially inspiring to hear. Morris has allowed us to witness something truly touching and inspiring and we cannot stop smiling over Ben’s reactions. We hope that Ben gets back on track to having a healthy and happy life, just as any young boy should. Miracles happen everyday, and this is one the Morris family will truly be grateful for.

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