You’ll Never Believe How MUCH Photoshop Changed These Guys!


I’ll take two photoshops, please.

Is there anything that you would change about yourself? Eyebrows, muscle definition, height? Thankfully now, if you want to change something, you don’t have to always go under the needle. Photoshop anyone?

Ever since Walt Disney hand painted his color cartoons, we’ve been altering photographs. Now we have Photoshop, we have filters on Instagram and Snapchat. We have the power to change our appearance, at least temporarily.

In this video, the Try Guys ask if we should.

The guys recreate four iconic photo shoots featuring guys like Cristiano Ronaldo and Justin Beiber. The end result is phenomenal and the photoshop work was extensive. The guys were digitally tanned, their abs and chest were defined. Larger arms, They made everything bigger, true to Justin Beiber’s Calvin Klein Shoot. I guarantee you’ve never seen the Try Guys like this.

The overall message is to highlight the impossible standards we place on ourselves and society places on us. One of the guys was shocked that he thought his stomach was pudgy after the photoshop (hint, he was shredded). Also, watching the try guys do this, and clearly be so out of place calls the viewer to think of the women who do this every day. It’s normal for them.

Should it be?

Tell us your photoshop horror stories!

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