People Can’t Believe This 11-Year-Old Genius in a College Class




When we were thirteen, our whole lives changed as we prepared for high school. Whether you loved it or hated it, the only way to make it through those four years and get into the college of your dreams was to work hard, join a bunch of clubs and maybe even participate in sports. At eighteen, we started a whole new, mature journey as we entered college, having to make a major decision on what our future careers would be. At twenty-one, we finally made it to graduation and some of us continued our education, sparing no time for fun and games. When we look back on it, we spent most of our lives in school preparing for what lies ahead. Never really giving much thought to the idea that we probably won’t earn our dream job until we hit our thirties. However, for Daniel Liu, he’s looking forward to completing college at the age of fourteen.

Thinking about it, Liu started his first year of college courses when we were just starting middle school. At only eleven, Liu is a math and science wiz. His story went viral when 19-year-old Cigdem Kahyaoglu, a math and pre-med student at the University of Toledo, Ohio, snapped a photo of Liu in her class.



At the age of ten, Liu started his first year of high school and has always been interested in math and science. During his time attending classes at Ottawa Hills High School in Toledo, Liu took numerous AP courses; including physics, statistics, calculus, as well as honors chemistry. The young genius also knows how to play the cello and piano. Before attending high school, he beat out 30,000 other students to win the Chemical Educational Foundation’s “You be the Chemist” challenge and earned $10,000. The challenge is an academic competition where students must complete multiple choice question tests and quizzes about chemistry concepts. Liu became the youngest person ever to win the first place prize in 2015 and was lucky enough to meet President Obama and everyone’s favorite scientist, Bill Nye.

Liu has since gone viral after Kahyaoglu shared a photo on her Twitter account of the “kid” in her organic chemistry class. The photo shows the young boy casually sitting in a lecture hall with other college kids, where at first glance, he definitely looks like he doesn’t fit in. The 19-year-old captioned the photo, “This kid is 11 and in my organic chemistry class. He said if we have questions to just email him.” Since uploading the photo to Twitter, the post has gotten close to 300,000 likes and approx. 130,000 shares. Users on Twitter expressed their amazement and shock that this young man is already taking college courses. One person tweeted, “I’m just gonna reevaluate my whole life,” while another person wrote, “This 11-year-old is more accomplished than me.”



Liu doesn’t have a Twitter account yet, but it won’t be surprising to most when we see him creating his own multi-million-dollar social media app. One girl at the university even asked Liu for his autograph, and instead, got his email address. Liu has become so famous after the photo that one Twitter user posted, “We just had an assembly at our school and he stood in front of everyone and was recognized for being Twitter famous.”

One woman on Twitter even mentioned that Kahyaglu should continue to email Liu because chances are he will end up with a great job. The woman tweeted, “Email him and keep in touch over the next few years. Could be the building blocks to a job in the future.”

This “boy genius” is definitely making many people question their life decisions. The fortunate classmates who did get his email address continue to keep in touch. It never hurts to connect with your old college pals; especially one that may be a billionaire at the age of eighteen.

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