A Pyramid Of “Jerry Maguire” VHS Tapes? Yes, Please!


Because they can, that’s why!

The video collective, Everything Is Terrible! is on a mission. It’s not a ‘terribly important’ mission, like you might find in a Hollywood blockbuster. Say, “Armageddon” perhaps, where a rag-tag team of nobody’s come together to save the earth from impending destruction. This is more like a ‘snarky social commentary’ mission. While not as life-or-death as mainstream media would prefer, their mission does involve one of Hollywood’s most-beloved films: “Jerry Maguire.” This is where things get weird.

They are planning to build a pyramid made up of the thousands of copies they plan to collect. With more than 15,000 VHS tapes in their outstretched hands already (they are taking donations, btw), they are hoping to gather another 5,000 tapes before beginning construction in an unnamed desert. The idea of desert art is gaining a lot of traction lately. This colorful piece popped up in the desert outside of Las Vegas recently.

Yes, that is a person standing in the shadows of the towering rainbow rocks. We can only hope Everything Is Terrible’s! installment will be as eye-popping as this amazing installment is.

Everything Is Terrible! loves to discuss pop culture and why it’s so horrible. As mean as that sounds, they are  actually quite informed and their goal is to call attention to the constant barrage of mid-grade entertainment. Their chosen medium is  video, hence the term ‘video collective.’ They’ve got tens-of-thousands of followers, and their videos are viewed by millions. While often silly and sometimes controversial, they’ve struck a chord that has echoed across the internet. People seeking just that combination of weird have responded with enough likes, shares, and follows to the point we will finally have that VHS “Jerry Maguire” pyramid the world so desperately needs.

Their latest endeavor came to them when perusing their local thrift shops, where they repeatedly encountered multiple VHS copies of “Jerry Maguire.” This sparked the discussion of wasteful media. It goes like this: The film was a big hit, media outlets release a torrent of VHS copies of the movie, these copies eventually wind up in thrift stores, highlighting wasteful consumerist capitalism. Or something like that. 

While the overall message of the piece might become lost on the masses, the visual and downright wacky appeal of the final installment should draw plenty of attention. I for one can’t wait to see the finished product.

Now I’m gonna go rummage through my garage and see if I have a copy to donate!

Source: vulture.com

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