Rescuers Find Stray Dog, But This is Why She Refused to Leave


source: youtube

It is a fact that homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1. According to social change organization, Do Something, it’s impossible to determine how many stray dogs and cats live in the United States. Estimates for cats alone range up to 70 million. Thankfully, there are rescue organizations that do the best they can to help find stray animals and give them a proper home. One rescue organization named Hope for Paws, located in Los Angeles, California, has a very special story about one stray dog living on the streets for months.

When these rescuers found Petunia, a small black dog, she was filthy and very scared. She was reportedly living on the streets for months and looked very thin. Rescuers found her hovering around a pick-up truck and not moving away from it. Petunia would lie underneath the truck, possibly hiding from the sun and needing some shade. She appeared extremely frightened and nervous. When rescuers tried to feed her, she refused to eat and didn’t want to leave the truck at all.

The rescuers worked hard to get Petunia out from under the truck. Finally, the video shows someone pulling her out and putting a leash on her. However, these rescuers suspected there was something more going on with Petunia. Why would this dog cling to the truck so bad? They noticed that the poor dog was lactating, so they decided to look around to see if she had any pups around. They looked everywhere and suddenly, stumbled upon a pup in a bunch of leaves. The puppy looked days old. It was a matter of time before something tragic happened to this adorable little dog. Once rescued, they brought the puppy to Petunia, who began licking her baby all the way back home. In fact, the pup, which was later named Petal, was only three days old when they found her squirming in the leaves. Now reunited, Petal and Petunia can have a safe and healthy start together and are no longer on the streets.

In only a few months, the video shows mom and daughter playing with one another and very happy. Both dogs have fully recovered thanks to Hope for Paws Animal Rescue Organization. The organization has a Facebook page fans can follow. Petunia and Petal’s story is just one of the amazing acts this organization has done to help stray dogs in the Los Angeles area. Check out their other inspirational stories.

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