Who Did The Rock Call a “Candy-Ass” on the Set of Fast 8?: A Mystery


After 7 movies, and with a projected 3 more, the Fast and the Furious franchise has become one of Hollywood’s most dependable ongoing properties, often bolstered by the projected camaraderie shared among its ever-growing cast. It’s a series that ends almost every installment with platitudes about family. It’s the kind of franchise that, with the death of lead Paul Walker, could end its 7th film with Vin Diesel essentially breaking the 4th wall to deliver a eulogy without seeming totally out of character. Which is why it’s so disconcerting to hear that there’s trouble brewing on the set, at least as far as “The Rock” is concerned.

Posting an update to his super-popular Instagram account that accompanied video of him throwing a man against a wall, “The Rock” went out of his way to praise the female cast of Fast 8 (currently wrapping filming), the crew, and the studio. As for his male co-stars… things seem a little more vague. While stating that some of his male co-stars “conduct themselves as stand-up men,” he went on to suggest that others (or, rather, one male co-star in particular) did not. To add emphasis, “The Rock” even went on to call this unnamed individual a “Candy Ass,” terminology not unfamiliar to those who followed the muscle-bound behemoth during his days in the WWE.

So who could it be? How can any of these people not like each other, when every movie ends with them happily hanging out at a barbecue? It’s definitely not Tormund Giantsbane from “Game of Thrones” or Kurt Russell—they seem so amiable. Is it Scott Eastwood? It has to be Scott Eastwood.

But alas, unfortunately, it was not Scott Eastwood. Instead, it was Vin Diesel—who The Rock allegedly confronted over taking too much time prepping for scenes in his trailer. The two have since, ostensibly, worked things out in order to finish filming, but there still seems to be an air of passive hostility in subsequent press, found especially in the distance between “The Rock” and Diesel in a full-cast photo.

Still, there’s a possible upside to all of this. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that “The Rock’s” choice of words, the “Candy Ass” heard round the world, recalled those of his old wrestling persona. Even the act of calling someone out on social media (at least when you’re talking about two social media titans like “The Rock” and Vin Diesel) has echoes of a classic wrestling taunt. Then there’s the timing of the movie’s release, April 14th of next year—just 12 days after WrestleMania 33. Could it be, as many are theorizing (or perhaps hoping in vain), that this whole debacle is a stunt meant to culminate in an epic wrestling match between the two stars? In the meantime, watch the two throw each other into things in Fast 5.

source: youtube

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