These Service Dogs Are Too Good For This World


It’s no secret that service dogs are amazing. There’s the way they so wholeheartedly devote themselves to the people they’ve been selected to help. In their own adorably noble way, they are living proof of the therapeutic power animals can hold over us humans. And then there’s the fact that they sometimes wear those cute vests that make them look like tiny traffic guards. That’s always something to see–a dog in a vest!  And of course there’s their exceptional status, which allows them, as service dogs, to go places where dogs are not normally permitted, meaning service dogs are dogs you can see pretty much everywhere (like museums!). Everyone with a soul enjoys seeing dogs out and about, with or without the stylish vests! Here are some good ones to keep an eye out for.

The Stylish Subject



First there’s this good pupper posing for a caricature. And at Disneyland, no less! What a great memento! Of course, this was probably just one stop on this guy’s day of fun and adventure. Who knows what kind of fun rides and parades this doggo was in on. Bonus points to the artist, who clearly captures the dog’s stoic pose and thousand mile-stare, without ignoring the Spuds Mackenzie-like surf party dog within.




Here’s another woofer on a Disney trip. Not just that–this guy gets to meet a much larger, celebrity dog! An intimate moment is shared between Pluto and his biggest fan. “Pluto is much larger in real life than on the television,” this dog may be thinking. The service dog is resting his face on Pluto’s head, trying to look deeper into his eyes, perhaps certain that there is a human on the other side. “Are you like me?” he wonders, “Is this real?”

Good Sport



Did you ever drag you parents to a show when you were a teenager–like, one you really wanted to go to but were too young to go to by yourself? And your parents or one of them had to drive you and your loud friends to this thing that they couldn’t care less about, like Korn or Dashboard Confessional, and sit around for every single, excruciating singalong. Well, this dog is kind of experiencing the same thing. He doesn’t like shows. In fact, he hates them and the way their noise affects his super sensitive dog ears. It doesn’t matter what kind of music his person listens to. He cares about his person having a good time, and he supposes he can wear these noise-cancelling muffs so that he can hang out in relative peace.

The Helper



Person: Oh hey, dog! I kind of have my hands full right now. Can you just hold onto this while I scan through these boxes? I promise you that you’ll get a good treat in return for the wonderful services you provide.

Dog: You don’t even need to ask. I’m right here. Don’t even worry about giving me treats. This is my job. It’s what I’m here for.  I’ll watch this steak and these club crackers too and make sure nobody trips on them. Let me know if you need any recommendations for food items. I am a good pup.

Person: Thank you good pup.

Dog: Don’t mention it.

Dogs Helping Dogs



While a great number of service dogs are used to treat people in need, service animals are not limited by their human counterparts. In fact, here is a service dog that’s actually helping out another dog. With their adorable matching kerchiefs and smiles, it seems like this happy guy and his seeing-eye friend get along super well.

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