Soccer Player Gets Yellow Card for Twerking on Field


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If you’re a big soccer fan, you might have seen a few players get carded for the most ridiculous things. After a player makes an awesome goal, they may celebrate by ripping their jersey off or even throwing it in the crowd. The action doesn’t seem like its hurting anyone, but referees aren’t big fans of the excessive celebrating. The celebration may yield a yellow card, or a caution – warning the player. And surprisingly, officials have even thrown out red cards (meaning that the player must leave the field immediately and take no part in the game) if they aren’t pleased with a player’s actions.

There are tons of soccer clips out there of players being given such cards. In one game in the Peruvian capital of Lima, the home team Alianza Lima was playing Real Garcilaso. Shockingly, the Peruvian referee, Ramon Blanco, brandished 5 red cards in 5 minutes! Four players on the Alianza Lima team and the coach received red cards for their misconduct, which included getting in the referee’s face. The four players given red cards were off the field in less than three minutes, while the coach received his card at the fifth minute. That’s just one of many soccer games where we’ve seen outrageous card moments.

This yellow card is probably the most ridiculous of all. Former Middlesbrough striker Kei Kamara celebrated his goal for MLS team New England Revolution against Montreal Impact by twerking on the field. The 32-year-old scored the third goal for the team and decided to give his fans something to enjoy. It seemed however, that referee Hilario Grajeda was not a fan of Kamara’s hip thrusting skills and issued him a yellow card. In fact, the referee took offense to the celebration dance, possibly because he thought the dance was a little too “sexual.”  When the ref busted out a yellow card, Kamara wasn’t too pleased. The soccer player probably didn’t read the new rules that “excessive twerking” is no longer allowed on the field, unless you’re Miley Cyrus.

According to FIFA rules, a referee can issue a yellow or red card to a player if their celebration is deemed excessive, with the regulations adding that a yellow card can be issued when: In the opinion of the ref, a player makes gestures which are provocative, derisory or inflammatory; a player climbs onto a perimeter fence to celebrate a goal being scored, or a player removes their shirt over their head.

In this incident, Kamara is lucky he wasn’t fined a large amount of green for his actions. Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was stuck with a $6,076 fine when he did a similar dance move on the field after scoring a touchdown. The NFL deemed his move “sexually suggestive.”

Who knew twerking would be so offensive?

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