How To Stop Your Friends From Taking Insta Pics Of Their Food


Do you take fab photos of your food for Insta? Your followers have to know what healthy Whole30 meal you’ve had today. Right?

Well, it’s time to stop. Just stahhhhp!

Talk to your date. Laugh with your friends. Just put. the. phone. down.

If you’ve got friends who love to insta their food, no matter what it is, we’ve got some tips on how to get them to stop.

Wait For It. . . Stir

As in this great video, wait for the flash on your friend’s phone to blink on –and then grab some silverware and stir the food up. Ugly food is not insta-worthy food.

source: youtube

Monster Bite

Is a phone headed toward your plate? You don’t need to wait! Take control and eat your food while it’s hot, when you want to. Discourage your friend’s IG food habit by taking a giant, monster bite from the center of your dish. And then sit back with a satisfied look on your face.

Just Take The Phone

If you know your friend is an insta foodie, ask to borrow the phone after your order and don’t give it back. Engage your friend in scintillating conversation, and when the food arrives, just refuse to give back the phone. Your friend will soon love you even more and never take photos of food again.




Does your friend have a “food blog?” Is he/she a complete “foodie?” It’s time to take your friend’s mind away from his/her followers – and the easiest way to do that is with the old “look over there!” trick. When you see your friend pull out a phone, find anything in the room around you, point and shout, “Look!” Your friend will be genuinely surprised and look up, forgetting all about that food snapshot.

The trend of Instagraming our food has brought around an interesting phenomenon. A Canadian psychologist has drawn a link between obsessive taking and posting of food photos on social media with eating disorders and body image issues. And there’s your fun fact for distracting your friend the next time he/she pulls out a phone to take a photo of that steaming bowl of pasta in front of you both.

There’s one more IG issue you have to be prepared for: checking for likes. Taking the photo and posting the photo can be annoying enough, but then there are the friends who have to know who’s liked the latest photo – and need to know now. This is when the great conversation comes in. Have a witty remark ready to go and try to pull your friend back out of the virtual world. And if all else fails, you can always just ask politely if he or she would refrain from Instagraming for just one night.

And, lets all be honest here, we’ve done it too. When that really great meal comes around and you just have to Insta it and you promise you really never do this, do it. There’s a reason we want to remember great meals and beautiful things: because it’s awesome. Just remember, don’t be that friend. Take the photo and post it later. Get back to the real world as quickly as possible.

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