11 Things To Expect When You’re With A Strong Woman


All men love a strong woman!

Dating a strong woman is not for the faint-of-heart. These are women who start meaningful careers (that’s a deserving topic in itself!). They raise polite and adorable children. They pull off simple dinner parties and holiday feasts. Their finances are in order, and on top of all that, they always look amazing. These women are the strongest link in the family chain. Look around and you’ll be able to spot them in an instant. They’re the ones going places and the ones you secretly kind of envy.

Plenty of guys claim to prefer relationships with strong women, but are they really up for the challenge? It’s hard to keep pace with a woman on-the-move. Any man lucky enough to be chosen by one of these women better hang on- because he’s in for a life-changing experience. Take a look at what a man should expect when a strong woman comes into his life. Do #4 at your own risk!

Tina Fey

1. She will motivate and inspire you.

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Strong women don’t focus on bringing others down. A strong woman does the opposite, she brings others up. This is one of their best traits. She’ll be your biggest coach, cheerleader, and fan, but that support comes with a healthy dose of honesty. If you’re dating a strong woman, prepare yourself for some potential hard truths.

2. She’s extremely responsible (don’t you think you should be too?).

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Modern women want a man who can keep pace with her busy lifestyle. She needs you to step up your game so that you can take on anything together. Slackers need not apply!

3. She won’t tolerate being disrespected.

Angry woman looks mad.

She’s bold and confident.She knows exactly how she should be treated and heaven help the person who disrespects her. Forget all that ‘treat her like a lady’ business. You treat a strong woman like an equal!

4. She doesn’t play mind games, she’s over that.

Alicia Silversstone upset.

Don’t beat around the bush with her. If you’ve got something to say- say it! She’ll encourage you to speak your mind, so expect likewise in return. Whole new possibilities will open from this matter-of-fact communication.

What point in your life did you reach this conclusion?

5. She wants a decisive man.

Meryl Streep being snide and impatient.

Her life moves way too fast for her to hit the brakes while you make a decision. Many strong women are used to making hard decisions quickly. They know that their best judgement won’t steer them wrong. Her man needs to share this quality. So man up, gentlemen.

6. She loves new experiences.

Julia Roberts venting.

Traveling, culture, and exotic dining are only some of the things you can expect when you are with a strong woman. If it’s new and exciting then chances are she’s up for it. Hang on tight!

7. She knows what she wants.

Woman saying she will get what she wants.

She works hard everyday. She has goals and is always striving to improve herself and her relationship. Be prepared to start setting some goals. The key is to be like her and find out exactly what you want from life. After that, it’s about doing something every day to make that happen. Don’t worry if it’s confusing at first- she’ll show you how it’s done.

Do you always know what you want?

8. She knows how to deal with real conversations.

Amy Poehler bugging a coworker.

It’s time to up your game. A strong woman expects more than a recap or a summary. She wants to get to the real issues that you’re facing. She expects you to open your feelings to her, and the best way to do that is through long meaningful conversations.

9. Sometimes she needs her space.

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She’s comfortable alone, and doesn’t need her man around her all the time. Remember men, a strong woman is active. Whether it’s catching up on work, household tasks, or simply having some ‘her’ time, give her some room to breathe.

How long do you usually take when you need your space? When is it safe for him to come back around?

10. Her values are strong.

Ellen Page knows what she's talking about.

Family, work, friends- they all respect her strong values. She knows the difference between right and wrong and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Make sure you’re always on her side, like she is for you.

11. She settles for nothing but the best.

Blonde tossing her hair like a strong woman.

Remember men, at the end of the day, she chooses you, not the other way around. Make sure you’re up for the task. If you can’t give her what she needs then prepare to lose her to someone who can.

C’mon, share your best stories about being strong and proud!

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