It’s Time To Get Extra Cheesy With This Cheetos Museum!


This takes obsession to a whole-new level!

There’s been a lot of talk about Cheetos lately. After all, with Burger King introducing a Mac-N-Cheetos menu item (basically it’s a fried Cheetos puff filled with mac-n-cheese) there’s bound to be some buzz. Although, this Cheetos museum video takes things way over the top. The premise is that Cheetos can bear a striking resemblance to real-world objects. Kind of like when you were a kid looking up at the clouds, finding an apple here, a car there, a dolphin. You know how this game is played.

Well this Cheetos aficionado takes his obsession a little further than most would. He collects, catalogs, and even rotates his incredible snacks. He’s got everything from a animals to an almost-complete map of the US. According to the video, he’s been collecting for years. Even his son gets in on the action, with a special Cheeto all his own in a dedicated display box.

Some people are unsure if this is a spoof or not, but I say who cares … it’s hilarious! It lives on Cheetos YouTube channel and ends with a branded challenge. It’s definitely a promotion for Cheetos, who’s surely be using this video to maximize the release of Mac-N-Cheetos. The challenge? Find your own uniquely shaped Cheeto and share it for a chance to win some prize money.

I say go for it! Make it a family activity. Grab a couple party bags and go to town. Pro Tip: You’ll notice the gentleman on the video uses a long pair of tweezers to handle the crunchy delicacies. I recommend this too, or some disposable gloves. If not, you’ll have orange fingers for the next three days.

As Chester Cheetah used to say … it’s not easy being cheesy!


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