Toddler Can’t Stop Eating Raw Cranberries Even Though He Clearly Hates Them! [VIDEO]


Let me just try one more … maybe it will taste better!

Anyone who’s ever eaten a raw cranberry will know that it’s not the most pleasant thing in the world. In fact, it’s downright nasty! Soooo sour! Well, this kid finds out for himself just how tart a raw cranberry really is, but that doesn’t stop him from going back for more!

This young man is named Holden and apparently he loves the sour pop of a raw cranberry, despite what his face tells us. After all, he keeps eating them even though he looks like he’s going to start crying any minute. His family laughs along with each bite, asking if he likes them and expressing their amazement at how this little guy keeps going in for another cranberry.

Let the little man have as many as he wants. They are a super food after all. Rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals (those are good things, btw), these tangy treats are usually cooked before eating. There’s the classic cranberry jelly that slurps out of a can every Thanksgiving Day. We’ve also become quite fond of the craisin, which is a cranberry dried much like a raisin. We also love the cranberry juice and cocktails, which are well-known remedies for urinary tract infections. Is there anything this fruit can’t do?

The United States has a long history with the cranberry. Native Americans were cultivating the tangy fruit well before European settlers showed up. There’s an account of Native inhabitants greeting European settlers with bark cups of cranberries. And, in 1633, Mary Ring of Plymouth, Massachusetts auctioned her cranberry stained coat for an impressive 16 schillings! So you could say Americans have been loving them some cranberries for quite a while now!

Here’s an interesting fact for you:¬†The Cranberry Marketing Committee of the United States of America is a real organization! Although it sounds like something Tim Burton would write into his next movie, the committee is made up of the cranberry industry elite. They meet to ensure an overall quality product, advise government¬†oversight groups, advocate for farmers, and plan marketing strategies that will keep the cranberry relevant for decades to come! Formed in 1963, the committee has done some pretty remarkable work bringing the humble cranberry to the forefront of cultural and culinary awareness.

Little Holden here wouldn’t understand any of all that though! He’s just glad to have something tangy to snack on and his loving family by his side!


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