[VIDEO] Dog Breaks Balloon-Popping World Record!!


This K9’s got serious skills!  

Meet Twinkie, she just broke a world record. This spritely little Jack Russell Terrier made history when he popped 100 balloons in under 40 seconds. What makes this super amazing is that Twinkie captured the record from Cally The Wonderdog, also a Jack Russell Terrier. Get this. Cally took the title away from a dog named Anastacia, who is Twinkies’s mother! She brought the record back to the family! Way to go Twinkie!

It seems this breed is the gold standard on the competitive K9 balloon popping circuit. Yes, there is a competitive K9 balloon popping circuit. 

Twinkie’s time was 39.08 seconds! That’s 2.5 balloons a second! Watch this furry little bullet shine!

Source: youtube.com

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