[VIDEO] Puppies And Babies Playing Together = Cuteness Overload!


Can’t … handle … the … cuteness …  

Who can resist an adorable little puppy? They’re so small and wiggly, with their puppy breath and their loving little lick-kisses, you just can’t help but melt. Anyone who’s ever raised a dog from a puppy knows just how much love and comfort they can offer. And they’re not even the same species as us.

Now, let’s look at babies. They have a lot of the same traits as puppies. They’re tiny and squirmy. That newborn scent is intoxicating (at least when they haven’t made mommy and daddy a little present!), and the way they snuggle into you when they’re comfortable and happy is just about the sweetest thing you’ll ever feel! For all you parents reading this: you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who’ve never been around babies, you don’t know what you’re missing! Get out there and find a family member or friend with a baby and see out for yourself just how adorable and fun they are.

Now … imagine puppies and babies together. IKR!!! I’m excited too! You don’t just have to imagine it anymore. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, the cutest videos of babies and puppies are right at your fingertips. But why waste all that time searching out the best one when you can get the best compilation the internet has to offer.

The happy people over at Funny Plox have put together one of the sweetest videos ever of babies and puppies playing together. You’ll get it all: small puppies, big puppies, multiple puppies and more. Don’t forget about the babies! Small, large, and everything in between, these kids reactions are priceless! The best is when the babies laugh! It’s music to my ears!

My favorite comes at the 2:55 mark, with that sweet little girl and a very excited puppy! You can tell she’s having fun, but still holds her own against that little furball! You’ll have your own favorite baby/puppy combo, I’m sure (no copying mine!).

Videos like these make my day. With all the negativity and turmoil on the internet, it’s good to see it being used for it’s intended purpose: animal and baby videos!

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Source: youtube.com

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